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Pantene Beautiful Lengths Challenge
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Hello Friend,

Have you seen the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Commercial? Zoey Draschenel is the Actress used, to Advertise the product. Zoey is known for her long, luxurios hair.

The Shampoo and Conditioner promises healthy, long hair. They give contributions to Cancer Research. The Beautiful Lengths bottle displays a pink lid and pretty pink ribbon.

Ladies, and Gents. I do not recommend this product if you COLOR TREAT your hair. The last time I applied color to my hair, was about 3 weeks before purchasing the product. I have ten years experience color treating my hair. I know the process.

I used Beautiful Lengths, for 2 weeks. I wash my hair every other day. This keeps your hair healthy. Over washing destroys your hair. The Beautifu Lengths shampoo smells amazing. The conditioner leaves my hair silky soft. Then, I noticed the color of the water, when I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. The shampoo was stripping the color! I couldn't believe it. I could see the color from my last treatment, in the water!

Imagine, what this is doing to natural hair? Think about it.

Pantene guarantees, strong, healthy hair, right? Then why is color being stripped away from my hair faster, than the normal 3-6 weeks? The damage you already have, is not REPAIRED. The damage is being stripped away, during each wash.

Still not convinced? Look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle. The list is in order, of first being the large amount. Then, the second ingredient and so on. The last ingredient listed is the smallest amount. This is very similar to a recipe.

Example: You want to make a cake. You start with flour, the large amount and the base. Then, you add Milk, Eggs, and a small amount of vanilla for flavor. Later, add 2 drops of color (optional). Large amount used first, the rest are smaller amounts being added, as you go. The last ingredient being the smallest amount (vanilla/food coloring).

The back of the bottle conatins the ingredients, for Pantene. Water listed first. Notice the TOP 5 ingredients listed. One of them is ACID! Yikes! Holy COW!!!

Pantene is basically giving us water, acid, and fragrance to wash our hair. The damage we already have, is NOT being repaired. Instead, Pantene strips it away with ACID. This will cause weak hair and breakage overtime. No thanks!

Personally, this is crap in a bottle, to save the Ta-Tas!

I have comfort knowing, I gave to a great cause. Portions of the price is given, to Cancer Research. I think I will use what is left of Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I'm not going to wash my hair with the product. Instead I will use it to wash my dishes!

Hope you enjoyed my article.


Real Momma

Street Talk

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