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Star Scent - Best Celebrity Perfumes
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Star Scent - Best Celebrity Perfumes

Do we really believe that by wearing one of the leading selling celebrity perfumes brazenly brandishing a celebrity name such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber or Beyonce will make you famous, look like a star or even bring you any closer to that celebrity than you already are? Even if you don’t do the statistics, it is probably unlikely that any of these scenarios are probable. So then, why does the fragrance industry keep bringing out celebrity perfumes and why do so many people continue buying the signature fragrances?

It has been over fifty years since perfume companies calculated that celebrities endorsements of fragrances gave them a guaranteed box success that was relative to the stars own film, television, sporting or recording careers. Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor (White Diamonds, 1991), Audrey Hepburn (L'interdit, Givenchy, 1957) and Joan Crawford (Youth Dew, Estee Lauder, 1953) started the sweet smell of success trend. In the 50’s Marilyn Monroe was the model for Chanel No 5 perfume, and sales escalated when she was asked what she wore to bed, her infamous reply, ‘Chanel No 5, of course’. Since then Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey are just a few of the leading celebrity perfumes that have stars names bottled on glamorous fragrances.

Celebrity endorsements give the Perfume Company and endorser a calculated business venture. The celebrity becomes a walking billboard with worldwide coverage that gives consumers something tangible to relate and bond to. A star is different than a muse used in an advertising campaign because the celebrity provides a three-dimension persona that both the user and the producer can define. The celebrities fans enables the corporations to create a fragrance that will suit the audience, compliment it with the relative packaging, correctly price point the product and advertise it accordingly.

Kate Perry’s debut fragrance Purr, geared towards the youth market, is not only a fun and fruity perfume but it is packaged in an adorable purple kitty bottle. This clever marketing tool is reminiscent of the Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers own quirky packaging and ensures that it will be one of the leading selling celebrity perfumes available this year.

Perfume houses creating celebrity fragrances are not a passing phenomenon, with dozens of the high profile celebrity perfumes set to be launched in 2011, several predictably by the Kardashian's including the new Kim Kardashian Gold perfume, but more notably the celebrity list is predominated by recording stars. If you want proof that celebrity endorsement sell, you just have to ask Terry Lundgren, president and chief executive officer of Macy’s Inc. about Justin Bieber‘s Someday fragrance which was launched on June 23, 2011. Lundgren stated that Someday, “has now become the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record.” bringing in an excess of $3 million in retail sales at Macy’s in less than three weeks. Fergie's, Outspoken fragrance for Avon last year was also reportedly their most successful celebrity perfume that they had ever launched and has just won the FIFI Celebrity Fragrance Award. Britney Spears is a scent veteran, who has been producing perfumes since 2004 and has grossed over $1.5 billion to date. It can be said that bottling success has never been so easy!

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I am a perfume fanatic! I love everything that has to do with perfumes! Interesting article!

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