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Start Now To Improve Your Skin
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It is never too late to begin caring for your skin. In fact, the best time is now! There are steps you can take right away to improve your look. Some of these steps are long term; some are short term and have near-immediate results. There are makeup techniques, diet changes, physical activity regimens and many more areas to consider.

While you work through the range of options available to you to put together a comprehensive (yet manageable program), there are two things you should do right away.

  1. Find a good sun protection product. The number one cause of many age-related issues is sun damage. This is an easy and affordable area to address, so why wait?
  2. Find a great wide-spectrum skin and eye cream. You’ll want one that works across a wide range of skin types (I find that my skin actually changes across different seasons, and I don’t want to product-jump), and one that aims to repair and increase the health of underlying conditions

There are so many skin and eye care items that you can research on the internet. These range from Cleansing Lotions, Exfoliants, Eye Care Treatments, Body Treatments, Bath products, Gel Cleansers, Glycolic Acid / AHA, Mask, Moisturizers, Problem Skin Treatments, Skin Accessories, Specialty Serums, Sun Protection, Toners, Vitamins and Supplements…. and the list goes on.

I have had my skin for my whole life, as I’m sure most of you have! What you need to realize however, is that your skin is literally an organ that is constantly changing and renewing over time. Here is an analogy that may change how you think…

Compare a swimming pool to a stream. If you want to “condition and purify” the water in a pool, there is a barrage of chemicals, pumps and filters that can be applied to get the job done. If you used the same approach in a stream, you’d be dumping chemicals into the water and pumping water to clean it, only to have it wash away. The way to really fix up your stream is to go to the source; prevent stuff from being dumped into it, and allow it to become a healthy balanced ecosystem.

Your skin is similar; you can use creams and products to “add” stuff to your skin, but a better approach is to help your skin mend itself and to protect it from having stuff dumped. Anything you add to be a simple quick fix, will likely be a temporary measure, flushed downstream. Helping your skin to be healthy has much more promise of continued results.

In simple terms, for me, this requires a product that works with your skin to improve circulation, to aid in your own collagen production, to assist with your own moisture retention, and to supply appropriate anti-oxidants to fight cell deterioration. Simply adding external collagen and oils to moisturize is not enough, and in some cases can actually just create a ton of work and a waste of money.

A product like this of course would need to be used in combination with other common sense approaches. These include a decent cleansing solution, special attention to any allergies (especially around the eyes), as well as approaches that go to the source (just like your river) to ensure that you have good overall health through nutrition and physical exercise.

So while you are making plans for a manageable end-to-end approach (which includes diet, cleansing, exercise, skin care products, cosmetics, wardrobe, sun protection - including sunglasses, and overall physical and mental well being), consider focusing on the two elements I mention above – a good sunscreen, and a great wide-spectrum skin and eye cream that will deliver quick as well as progressive results.

Back to the stream analogy, a stream will appear more attractive if it is landscaped and well presented. A few bushes, some flowers, pick up the garbage…. While I don’t suggest planting bushes on your face, there are many improvements you can make, from wardrobe selections, blusher/eye-shadow color, to even very simple things, like putting a smile on your face.

Good luck in your quest!

Street Talk

Thanks for your suggestions on improving skin.

  about 6 years ago
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