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Bad Hair Day?
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Bad Hair Day?

For many people in the world a bad hair day isn't the fact the color is wrong, or the curls didn't flow; it's due to extreme hair loss. There are times when thinning hair is due to measures beyond a person's control, but many times it is a matter of improving your diet. In today's society, we have adopted some very poor eating habits that are adversely affecting us, hair loss being one of them.

So, you may be wondering what are bad eating habits? As soon as nutrition is mentioned in some households, the family begins to cringe. If it doesn't come out of a box, a bag, or can, it can't be "real" food.

Growing up, my mother was adamant that a meal wasn't complete unless it had a vegetable. I could expand that by saying, a meal isn't complete without the lessons learned in Kindergarten with the food pyramid. Fruits, vegetables, grain, dairy and protein are all necessary in a balanced diet.

A healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals is imperative for healthy hair. I know many people have difficulties eating certain foods whether it be allergies, food preferences, or even religious or spiritual reasons. But, reality is, if you are a vegetarian, you need to know what sources you can still get quality protein from. If you don't believe in drinking milk, you need to find other sources for calcium. If you don't enjoy fish, you need to locate other sources for Omega 3.

Many people struggle with their weight so they try all sorts of crazy diets to lose weight. Some of my favorites are:

  • Zero calorie as much cabbage soup as you want, there are no calories. This is hair loss waiting to happen! You want hair? You need to eat some calories!
  • High protein diet is a good one. Once again, you eat so much lean protein that many required vitamins for healthy hair are depleted from your diet. Sure, hair thrives on high protein, but it can't live on protein alone.
  • I heard of one the other day that was new to me; the grape diet. All you can eat are grapes and drink grape juice. When your urine starts looking like grape juice, it is a sure sign that you need more balance in your food choices.

The list could go on and on...for pages and pages, but the truth is, you get what I am saying. We deprive our bodies of necessary nutrients yet we expect it to run at peak performance. Something has to give and many times it is your hair.

So what are the natural remedies to prevent hair loss? Good ol' food that is filled with great health nutrition. The closer the food to its natural state, the less processed it is, generally the safer and most beneficial to your system. There are definite benefits of unprocessed food, but that can be an entire article all by itself. The best secrets to great health is in quality, not quantity. Yes, you do need to eat enough calories, but you need to eat quality food to enjoy a quality life.

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