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Headblade Pro - My First Experience With It
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Headblade Pro  -  My First Experience With It

A few weeks ago I was walking through a store down the aisle containing all of the shaving products. As I walked down the aisle I noticed this micromachine car looking razor called the Headblade Pro, designed specifically to shave your head.

I had hear about a similar razors a few years back, I'm not sure if it's the same one or a different one, but at the time I didn't shave my head so I never tried it out. Since I shave my head now, I decided to buy one and try it out.

Last night, I took it out of the packing and used it for the first time. Here is my experience:

First Impressions:

The razor handle(car looking thing) comes with one razor already attached and ready to use. All you have to do is take off the soft plastic protecting the razor blade and you're ready to shave with it.

The handle fit comfortable around my middle finger. It was very natural fit, almost as if I wasn't holding anything at all.

I also went ahead and bought a pack of replacement blades along with the razor handle. The replacement pack came with 4 Atra Plus razors made by Gillette, a Headblade Caliper(you use it to pull the razors out of the cartridge), and two adapters. The adapter is used to attach the razor to the handle.

While I was in the store looking at it, I wondered why it came with extra adapters. The answer appeared as I tried to attach the adapter to the razor. In order to get the adapter onto the razor you have to stretch it about 1/16". Since it's made of plastic you could see how over time and repeated use it would stretch and break.


I decided to practice with the piece of plastic over the razor, before actually using it. I figured it would give me a feel for how to use it without having to worry about nicking my head. After a few practice passes on my head I felt comfortable enough with it to actually shave with it.

I lathered my head up with some shaving soap and a badgers hair brush.

The Shave:

I started off in the front, middle-right part of my head just above my forehead where my hairline begins. I ended the first stroke just past the crown of my head, keeping both the wheels and the blade in contact with my scalp as the instructions stated.

I then shifted the blade to the right and continued to shave the right side of my head. Aside from the awkwardness of doing something for the first time, the shaving went pretty smooth.

I had a little trouble around my ear. I think the trouble came from me positioning between the second and third knuckle on my middle finger instead of between the first and second knuckle as the instructions state. I opted for the second and third knuckle because the grip was a little tighter, but I think if I had placed it between my first and second knuckle shaving around my ears would've been easier.

After finishing the front right part of my head, I continued on to the back of my head. The Headblade razor adapted nicely to the changing contours of my head. After finishing the right side of my head, I shaved the left side of my head following the same process.

Against The Grain:

Whenever I shave my head, I always do two passes: one pass with the grain and one against the grain. In order to do the pass against the grain I reversed the direction of the razor.

This time I started off at the middle-right part of the back of my neck and went up towards the top. Once again it was pretty awkward doing this for the first time, since I don't have any muscle memory to guide me. Once I got to the crown of my head, I went back down to my neck, shifted to the right and did a second pass.

After shaving the back of my head against the grain, I shaved the sides and top. On these strokes I started off right above my ear and went straight up towards the top of my head. These strokes weren't too awkward, as by now I was starting to get used to the feel of it.


  • The razor is very comfortable and natural feeling in your hands
  • It adapts nicely to the changing contours of your head
  • Pretty intuitive to use, aside from the initial awkwardness
  • I didn't nick myself


  • Since it's a cartridge razor, it will have a limited life span before it gets dull and will have to be replaced.
  • It is a little awkward at first to use.
  • If you're like me and use a small mirror to look at the back of your head while you're shaving it, it can be difficult to find the correct viewing angle so you can see where you are shaving.


Overall, it was a pretty fun experience. It was a completely different feeling to shaving than you get from shaving with a mach 3 or a straight razor. As I mentioned before it was only my first shave with it, so I'll keep shaving my head with it until I run out of cartridges.

Then at that point I'll decide whether or not I like it enough to continue shaving with it. I figure by then I will have enough experience with it to accurately decide if I like it. That's the primary reason why I bought a replacement pack of razors.

If you shave your head, I would definitely recommend you try it out at least once. I definitely like it better than the mach 3, but I think I'm still going to prefer my straight razor over the HeadBlade.

What do you currently use to shave your head with? Let me know in the comments below.

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