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How To Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes
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Dark circles under eyes are a sight that always warrants a concealer. Dark circles often gives us the "tired" and "grungy" look we do not want especially when we go out for the day hoping for a fresh outlook. What causes dark circles under eyes? And how can they be treated?

What causes those dark circles under the eyes?

Those dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a myriad of factors, this includes: skin laxity, edema, allergies, contact dermatitis, melanin deposition, inflammation and the superficial location of blood vessels. Daily events, genetic factors, lifestyle and other activities also play a role in the emergence of dark circles under eyes. Let us discuss these factors:

• Melanin Deposition

One of the seen causes of dark under eye circles is the deposition of melanin within the area. There are two possible causes of this: one is melanosis and the other is the thickening of the dermis. Melanosis is a condition where a person's melanin increases. Melanin is a pigment responsible for the dark coloration of the skin, and the more melanin you have the darker your skin complexion would be. In melanosis, there is increased production of melanin causing hyperpigmentation or tumors with melanin pigments; this condition often has malignant tendencies. The other cause is dermal thickening. Some experts say the dermal thickness leads to an enhanced diffusion of light reflection. This then results to darkness of the skin around the area.

• Allergies and Contact Dermatitis

Conditions such as allergies and contact dermatitis cause the skin to itch and inflame. When these are healed, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs. This simply means the allergic reactions leave dark marks on the skin.

• Edema

Edema is the condition where there is accumulation of fluid in an area of the body. Dark circles under the eyes can also emerge as a result of periorbital edema or edema around the eye area. The periorbital area is believed to have a sponge like property; it has the ability to absorb and accumulate fluid. Fluid accumulation is seen to increase during the morning, after a salty meal and when the eye is in a steady gaze (much like what is done when a person is reading, or studying). When periorbital edema begins, dermal thickness follows, and when the dermis becomes thick, the light diffuses even more causing hyperpigmentation or darkening.

• Skin laxity and Superficial Vasculature

As a person ages, the skin around the eye area loses its elasticity. This causes the skin to be lax unveiling the thin blood vessels underneath it. The exposure of the blood vessels gives a dark purplish effect under the eyes.

How To Treat Dark Eye Circles

• Natural Treatment

You can reduce the dark circles under eyes by placing cucumbers in the periorbital area. Cucumbers have a relaxing effect that reduces the edema around the eye. You can also place a cold towel or a cold compress on the eye area. This again reduces perioribital edema. Another natural cure to dark circles on the eye area is the use of eye serum. Anything natural is considered safe to the health, thus there are no worries of danger and discomfort.

• Dermatogical treatment

If natural methods don't work for you you can try retinoic acid, chemical peels and laser therapy. These treatments for dark circles under eye require the supervision of a dermatologist.

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