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Top 3 Ingredients In Hydroquinone - Free Skin Lightening Creams
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Top 3 Ingredients In Hydroquinone  -  free Skin Lightening Creams

In the world of skin lightening creams, hydroquinone has been the main ingredient used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone suppresses the production of melanin (the chemical that gives skin a certain color). Even with it's widepsread use, people are beginning to question the safety of this ingredient.

Is Hydroquinone Dangerous?

Hydroquinone, while very effective, has been shown in studies to lead to health problems after long term use. There are many safety concerns with the use of hydroquinone as it has been linked to skin irritation, skin discoloration and even cancer.

For this reason, leaders in the cosmetic industry as well as consumers themselves have been looking into alternatives to hydroquione as the most effective ingredient in skin lightening creams. Many feel that more naturally derived ingredients can be just as effective and also more gentle on the skin.

Alternative Ingredients to Hydroquinone

Some of the top skin lightening products that are hydoquinone-free feature a few of these ingredients:

1.Azelaic acid: This ingredient has mainly been used to treat acne, but recent studies have shown it treat hyperpigmentation too. Azelaic acid is made from wheat, rye or barley, and is usually found treating melasma and inhibiting melanin production.

2.Kojic acid: This acid is a byproduct of fungus and fermented rice. It also inhibits melanin production, but is far more gentle on the skin. Because kojic acid is sensitive to heat and light so make sure that the packaging containing this ingredient is in an opaque, air-tight container.

3. Niacinamide: This antioxidant, which is part of the Vitamin B group, is a triple threat to hyperpigmentation. Not only does it reduce hyperpigmentation, but it also reduces acne breakouts and stimulates collagen production so that skin looks younger and brighter.

Best Practices When Using Skin Lighteners

Of course these ingredients won't be effective if you fail to follow a proper skin care regimen. A sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection is a must. This means the SPF should be 30 or higher and it should be worn every day. Sunscreen not only protects your skin but it also enhances the effectiveness of the products.

If you are looking for skin lightening creams without hydroquinone, you won't have far to look because many cosmetic companies are already producing effective creams. More and more consumers are demanding that the cosmetic industry make beauty products that natural effective and gentle. With the growing amount of options, just be mindful of the ingredients and purchase products that you know contain things that will benefit and not harm your skin.

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