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What Causes Plaque Psoriasis
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Everyone is at risk of getting psoriasis, especially young adults between the ages of fifteen to thirty. Contrary to the belief of some people, the disease is not contagious. There is no exact known cause of psoriasis. Doctors and researchers have tried to form relationship of some factors with the disease; they are the possible causes of plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis is the most common and most likely the least severe of all the other types, about ninety percent of all psoriasis attacks are plaques psoriasis. It is important to learn of the possible causes of this skin condition that appears ass raised red patches of scales covered in silver like coating.

Possible causes

Immune system.

This is the most likely possible cause of the ailment. It occurs when the immune system confuses normal skin cells for pathogens, thus sending wrong signals. This leads to production of more skin cells. When the skin cells accumulate in the skin, the earlier skin cells die, forming scale like patches on the skin.


The D.N.A is blamed for the skin infection. It is possible that this is hereditary disease passed through generations. Scientists have found that many of the people, who suffer the condition, have relatives who have suffered from it in the past. This has led to genes been included as a cause of plaque psoriasis.


Those people who are under great pressure of life, are more likely to get skin infections. Plaque psoriasis being a skin disease could as well be as a result of too much stress. When one is going through stress, he or she uses up most of the body energy, this makes his immune system weaker increasing the risks of getting infections.

Skin Injury.

Breaking of the skin will most definitely lead to production of new skin cells, the old dead skin cells will accumulate on the skin, forming plaques. Some injuries allow for entry of bacteria causing the condition. Examples of skin injuries include; skin burns, cuts, breaking of the skin, and wounds on the skin.

Resistance to some forms of medications.

The skin could form plaques as a result of drug resistance. This is especially the case when one has an allergy for the components of a medication. This could also involve resistance to certain foods. Anti-malaria drugs are actually known to cause psoriasis when resisted by the body. Bacteria and virus infections. There are bacteria that cause skin ailments; they could have something to do with the skin condition too.

Some viral infections especially respiratory ones are another responsible cause of plaque psoriasis.

Too much alcohol

Alcohol is an immune system destroyer and too much intake could lead to several complications, plaque psoriasis is among these complications caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

Too much sunlight or too little

When you expose the skin to a lot of heat, the skin cells die, this causes skin infection, among them; psoriasis. The same applies if the skin is not exposed to enough sunlight, it lacks key components for a healthy skin, and this will cause breaking of the skin and formation of plaques on the skin.

These are only but a few possible causes of plaque psoriasis, there could be more causes including hygiene issues and quality of diet taken.

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