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Why Do People Chalk Their Pool Cue
To anyone who has played pool or billiards for any length of time this might seem like a silly question. In fact most good pool players will almost instinctively pick up the chalk and ‘chalk their cue’ every other shot. But there are probably a lot of beginners out there,…
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Why Is Pool More Popular Than Snooker?
Pool and snooker are two very similar games. They both involve using pool cues to pocket different colored billiard balls on the table. Both require different billiard supplies, are two player games that involve the calling of foul shots and require skill in aim and focus. Yet, they are entirely…
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Snooker, One Particularly Unusual Game (part 1)
Although I was then a reasonable pool player, back then in the early eighties, any table bigger than the standard six by three had me struggling. Although I enjoyed watching the sport occasionally on TV from the comfort of the armchair, if I was ever challenged to the great sea…
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Snooker, One Particularly Unusual Game (part 2)
With Mick and Dud downstairs at the bar, Pete took his turn gaining himself four more points by potting a red and then a green but missing the next red. It was my turn. Feeling lousy as hell from a late night, a hangover and a feverish head-cold, I took…
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Billiards Tips: Master the Creative Shot
Regardless of how long you have been playing the sport, there is always room for improvement when it comes to bringing your A-Game to the pool table. While it is true that your ability to master the game depends on the quality of your pool cues, it is also essential…
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Continuously Working at Your Current Cue Motion
An incredible reliable cue activity could be the difference between a fantastic and in addition dropping during Snooker. Snooker may be the sport, a lot of people picture whenever they imagine their snooker cue motion, each snooker instructor will certainly First target teaching the proper approaches prior to players currently…
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