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Tango 190 - PC David Rathband
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Tango 190  -  PC David Rathband

With the help of Tony Horne, his ghost writer PC David Rathband wrote Tango 190 - The Gateshead shootings and the hunt for Raoul Moat. Tango 190 is his story from 3rd July 2010 when he started the shift that saw him blinded with a shotgun by Raoul Moat through his recovery and the trial of the 2 men who were found guilty of being Moat's accomplice and of his own attempted murder.

Tango 190 was the police call sign for PC David Rathband who was a traffic cop for the Northumbria Police. His shift for Saturday 3rd July 2010 was supposed to have been from 2pm to midnight but he had decided to take the day off after spending a very long and draining day at a local hospital representing the family of a child killed in a car accident. However with the realisation that his house was going to filled with giggling girls all night celebrating his daughter's 12th birthday he then changed his mind and decided instead to do a later shift from 4pm to 2am. So on 3rd July after an early game of golf he came home to help his wife prepare for their daughter's party. He left his house for work on that day at about 3pm unaware of the fatal shootings that had taken place earlier in the day.

PC David Rathband knew Raoul Moat because he had arrested him on a previous occasion after suspecting him of stealing metal. Moat had just served 18 weeks in jail for assaulting a nine year old child. His girlfriend, and mother of his child, used his imprisonment to escape his clutches, she told Moat that their relationship was over and, in an attempt to scare him into leaving her alone, that her new boyfriend was a policeman .

Following his release from prison on 1st July, he shot and killed both his girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the early hours of 3rd July. He then announced that he was hunting a policeman. Photos of Moat had been circulated to the police force and they were told to be on the look out for a blue BMW.

Just after midnight PC David Rathband was sitting in his patrol car when he saw a black Lexus go round the roundabout, shortly after he heard a strange sound like metal on glass, he turned to look at the passenger side window and realised that it was him standing right beside his car. He had lost weight since the photo was taken that was circulating and he looked much slimmer and fitter. Wrong profile, wrong vehicle and the face of Raoul Moat was the last thing that PC Rathband ever saw.

Tango 190 never clocked off that day instead PC David Rathband spent the next 3 weeks in hospital and his life was changed forever.

Street Talk

Really good

  about 9 years ago

Thank you, I have now read this book and have to say that it definitely deserves the 5 stars given on Amazon

  about 1 decade ago

Yes there was a lot about the facts of the case in the papers and on tv but this story is from the perspective of one of Moat's victims. The incident that blinded him, the hunt for Moat, his death and the court case - not just facts but the emotions too.

  about 1 decade ago
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