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Building Chicken Coop
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So why build a chicken coop? If you go down the local store you will notice the cheapest chicken coop will still cost you around the four hundred pound mark ( approx. $500 ). These store coops will only fit two to three chickens inside for this price so that's a bit depressing to. Most people will decide that they cannot afford to buy a manufactured chicken coop.

The materials that are used to build a chicken coop are not at all expensive. Most ( if not all ) of the materials are very easy to come by. Common nails and screws and inexpensive wood will do the job - chicken wire is relatively cheap to. If you already have an idea of the amount of chickens you are looking to keep then you will have an idea of what chicken coop design to choose. If you cannot find a design that fits your plan exactly then get one a little bit bigger, this will allow you to expand at a future date.

When it comes to constructing the coop try to write everything down before hand. Things like general plans and materials needed at particular times will need to be listed. Simple tools will be enough to fulfill this job so don't go crazy and spend large amounts of cash on a toolbox full of tools you will never need to use again.

Ventilation is going to be a very large consideration when building the chicken coop because the mess chickens leave tends to smell quite a bit. This can be overcome by some windows being designed into the plans. The main doors can also be used for ventilation so try to go for sliding doors if possible. The sliding doors will also come in handy when it comes to cleaning the chicken coop out.

Materials that are used on the coop floor are also very low cost and really help when it comes to cleaning out. The two main materials would be wood chips or normal hay or straw. I must mention the positioning of the chicken coop. Chickens sleep at night and are awake in the day so they need a proper supply of daylight. lack of this light will be detrimental to the chickens health and they will produce less eggs on a regular basis.

I hope the points covered in this article will aid you when building a chicken coop. It is inexpensive and a lot easier to achieve than you might think. Good luck with choosing your chicken coop design.

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