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Cockatiel Tricks | 5 Steps To Get Him To Wave
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Cockatiel tricks can not only fun for you, but loads of fun for him. Cockatiels are born posses so when they are healthy, and happy they learn very fast. Below I will show how easy it is to teach him something so basic as a wave, and do it in under 72 hours.

Now if your cockatiel is young, or he is unfamiliar with you because he has only recently joined your family it may take a little longer but stay with it and be patient the end result will be worth it.

Teaching your cockatiel tricks will require a bit of effort on your behalf, and what is meant by that is you need to spend quality time with him/her, at least 20 minutes ever day. Also you will need to give him plenty of rewards such as his favorite foods.

You must build a strong bond with your cockatiel to build trust with him, when that trust has been built it will take no time at all for him to pick up all types of cockatiel tricks.

Think about it, just about everyone that has a dog teaches them to sit stay and fetch, but because that is so common it's nothing special to see. What will blow your friends away however is a cockatiel that waves at them when they enter your house, or one that flys to you on command.

So let's show you how to teach him the first of many cockatiel tricks, the wave requires 6 basic steps

  • Step 1 - You need to decide on a time and dedicate 15-20 daily to him only.
  • Step 2 - Think about a command you want use, IE clickers, or a voice command and stick to that one only.
  • Step 3 - Now take action by putting you finger right up to him when he goes to get on it, pull it away before he steps on..
  • Step 5 - Repeat the same thing over and over and give him treats every time he does it right and when he gets it right be sure to make a big deal out of it and praise, praise and more praise they love it.

So there you have it, how simple was that? Teaching cockatiels tricks is actually really simple and I have both a dog and a parrot, in my opinion it has been really easiy, if not easier to teach cockatiels tricks opposed to teaching my dog to fetch, and like I mentioned before, a lot more rewarding

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