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Companion Parrots - Gratification Of Living Together
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Companion Parrots - Gratification Of Living Together

You’re Companion Parrot

Having a companion parrot is a great addition to your family. It is not just about getting a new pet; it is about sharing your life with an animal that is as intelligent as your two year old child. You would not say they are just a pet because there is so much to learn from this living breathing animal. Whereas their personality out shines any dog or cat in my opinion. My parrots have brought the joy and endearment I have always wanted from a pet.

The Responsibilities You Are Taking On

When you have a companion parrot it is taking on whole new responsibilities. Like any pet you have to make sure they are eating a balanced diet. Parrots eat fruits, veggies, your food, nuts, seed and pellets. They require a lot of attentive needs. In the end you reap the rewards I mentioned. The responsibilities you have; is making sure the temperature in the house is just right, that there are no drafts, parrot proofing the living room, asking yourself “What can they get into and wreak havoc?” before it happens, getting the right toy to play with and acquiring the right cage that is sufficient enough in size for them to be in comfortably. I do not cage my parrots as I feel it is cruel and unusual punishment. It makes it seem like a prison for them and that is exactly as I see it. I do have cages though and they are still large enough for them to eat and nap. If and when you do cage a parrot you have to and I repeat you have to, make sure it is large enough for them to spread their wings and play in.

They are very endearing as they are solely reliant on you as a child is to their parent. They respond to your needs and what they are expected of. This is a flock (family) you can and will realize the benefits by having a parrot and it making a household you can share with. I say share with because it is exactly what you are doing; it is being accepted into their flock.

Socializing Together

They have the ability to be a social creature within the flock and how they interact with you. They have what it takes to share each moment of the day with you. When you play with them, they expect you to catch the toy you are throwing to them and they will throw it back to you. If it is snack time or the family meal they will come over to your plate and eat with you. At the moment you are finished they will saunter off and be finished as well.

Attributes Of a Companion Parrot

A companion parrot is one of the greatest pleasures to have. I have had cats and dogs and have not found the satisfaction as I have had with my parrots. Their attributes of being social animals, engaging and of course the fact that some do talk. Where you can interact with your parrot and they actually respond to you. In one instance I was looking for my wife and walking through the house asking myself out loud where could she possibly be and my African Grey responded “Outside,” that is exactly where I found her.

Parrots are amazing; it is having a companion not just as a pet. As I said, having a companion parrot is a gratification you do not want to miss out on. I have had mine for 14 years and I now have 3. It has more insight as how we live and the delight I have encountered. They are individualistic, have their own personalities and quirks that make them special in their own way and how we coexist with each other. It is about your companion parrot and you and how you two interact with each other. What you put in is what you get out. Like any pet. Remembering this simple philosophy and it is going to go far in your interaction. This is the joy you are looking for and it will take you a long way.

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