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3 Ideas To Write Into Your Travel Blog
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Writers know that writer’s block can hit without warning at any time. But what if you’re a professional travel blogger with no time to waste butting your head up against the wall in an effort to make the words come? Here are three commonplace things that might help jog your brain into gear and get the words flowing again.

1. Bathrooms:

No matter where you are in the world, there is probably a bathroom and if you hail from a Western country and you happen to be overseas travel blogging, you may find that the bathrooms are quite different to what you are used to. People can also tend toward paranoia about bathrooms – squat toilets and the like are just a little bit confronting the first time you see one... So what is the bathroom like where you are staying?

2. Street food:

This may or may not be closely linked to the first point, it may depend on where you are in the world. However, if you're an adventurous sort with a strong stomach, why not experience the street food? Its truly authentic local cuisine and will add a bit of spice to your blog. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about people getting sick from eating street food, so if you don’t want to eat it that’s fine. You can still take photos and write about it though, and also tell us all how you came to your decision.

3. Smells:

This might seem a little strange, but hear me out. What can you smell and why? Find out the answer and you might have an interesting little story to blog about. Smell becomes vividly intertwined in our memories and is actually a very important sense. Let us know what your holiday smells like.


4. Do something interesting:

If the problem you are having is just that you don’t have anything truly interesting to write about, put the pen down, back away from the computer and go out and do something irresponsible. At least go and do something fun. If you are not enjoying your travel, it will show in your writing and it will not be enjoyable to read.

Travel blogging is a passion. If you are writing a travel blog you need to let it all out. Tell us why we should be right there with you and believe in it and you will attract long lasting fans. Thats what travel blogging is all about after all.

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