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Bloging For You Part 2
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Bloging For You Part 2

I hope someone found my article from yesterday some what informative because I would like to pick up from where I left off yesterday.

Today's article Will be more about getting a platform and putting it all together, the next thing we are going to need is a platform so you can start to build your blog or even a static website where you will display a sales page that you don't want to be messing with very often, in this case I would suggest turning off your comment box on your site. Now once again there are lots of choices here but in my opinion Word Press is the place to go for your platform,

I have been working with Word Press for over a year now and they not only are easy to use but they also have everything you will need to get up and running. Now If you bought your domain from Go Daddy along with your hosting that is great, customer service there is top notch in my opinion. I personally am looking into moving my hosting over to them just to keep things simple and have everything under the same roof so to speak. If by chance you are getting your hosting from a different hosting company for what ever reason you are going to need the email that is sent to you by the company that you purchased your domain from. This is critical because if you scroll down on this email you will see your DSN numbers there should be two of them there for you.

Now when you go over to your hosting company you should see your domain name listed under your account, click on your domain name and then scroll down until you see a button with DSN on it click on it and a pop up box should come up with four boxes in it, go back to your email and copy and past those numbers into the first two boxes and than hit save or up date and your done.

You should be all set,go over to Word Press open up a new account plug in your domain name, once inside you will see a default template don't get excited every thing on it can be changed to your liking, just take your time there are all kinds of new templates in there to choose from, on the left there are all kinds of links to click onto so take your time and have a good look around and once you get set up the way you like start blogging.

Street Talk

Another great article Steven...I use wordpress for some of my websites...Thanks. A part 3????

  about 1 decade ago
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