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Create A Wordpress Blog: Got A Few Minutes?
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Create A Wordpress Blog: Got A Few Minutes?

Creating a Wordpress blog has become easier over the last few years, to the point that it really does only take a few minutes to start.

First: Find Your Niche

Once you launch your website it’s out there, indefinitely. Oh sure, you can delete it or sell it but here’s the thing, if you’re going to take the time to create it then first take the time to find your little corner in a round world and develop it into a successful site.

How can you do this? Simple, write down things that you are passionate about and that you know you could write about for a long time. And not just junk! You've got to find something that people want to read or that they’re looking for. When you provide the quality your visitors will come back for more, maybe even bookmark your site.

Do Your Homework (Ugh!)

But I’m serious, if you want to have a successful website, and who doesn't, and you want to have folks find your website, and who doesn't, then you have to put the time in at the beginning to ensure that you are providing “the goods” that people would be willing to pay for or read about.

This will involve doing some online searches yourself, doing some keyword research, and then narrowing your niche down even further until you discover that one morsel that few others are providing…and then serve it up in style!

Oh, don’t forget to come up with a website name that makes sense and that is easy to remember.

Ready for Wordpress?

OK, the homework is over and it’s time to create; let’s bring out the artist in you. You will need to find a website host that will allow you to use Wordpress; not all do. You will also have to purchase your website name, usually for around ten to twelve dollars (although there’s often discounts so watch for coupons). Pay attention to their annual rates so you don't pay through the nose in subsequent years.

OK, OK, now the homework is really over. Let’s build us a website!

Enter your url (the actual website address; a .com is recommended), get your website name into the title, select a theme, which is what your website will look like (don’t worry, you can change it later if you want), and hit that “build website” button.

Make sure you copy down the username and password and keep them somewhere safe, you will need them to log into your site.

Ready? The really cool thing is that you will now be the first one to see your new website. Now, very cautiously, yet very deliberately…oh heck, let’s just hit that “view website” button.

And there it is! Your new creation is live on the internet. Take a few moments to enjoy it because you truly have done a bold thing…publicly (too late to back out).

Oh, There’s Still More Work

Let’s get to work on building out this website. Not to worry, there is plenty of help out there. Whether you want to use the Wordpress website’s tutorials, the volumes of videos, or even search for other websites dedicated to teaching you how to create your new site, there is no end to help that is available.

Just a side note, there is enough free information out there so don’t sign up if it costs you money. That is an option, however, but if you chose to go this way make sure you research the company first (darn, there’s that homework word again).

You will want to make sure you spend time learning about:

• Pages and posts

• Menus

• Widgets (don’t go overboard with these)

• Images

These are easy to learn so don’t let what appears to be a complicated list throw you; after all, you’re in school and you cannot possibly learn everything overnight.

And the #1 rule – write good stuff and do it as yourself; that’s how you will develop a loyal group of followers and visitors to your website. Spam is out…quality is in…just ask the search engines.

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Write good stuff and write good stuff and write.....LOL AND you do thank for this. God bless Kymee

  about 9 years ago

Awesome, I learned something! Thank you very much Rick!!!

  about 9 years ago

No problem, thanks for reading. My all time favorite is Wordpress Express, it's so easy to set up and comes with great tutorials.

  about 9 years ago

Nice. Very thorough explanation.

  about 9 years ago

Thanks. Have further information on my site but wanted to capture a few highlights here.

  about 9 years ago

You definitely did your homework.

  about 9 years ago
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