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How To Create Winning Internet Marketing (im) Plan
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How To Create Winning Internet Marketing (im) Plan

When creating an Internet Marketing (IM) Plan, there are key components that you must include if you want to succeed as a newbie or when you want to take your current online business to the guru level. These are what I am going to consider in today’s discussion.

A good plan is like a good map, it will take you to your destination at the shortest possible time. There is no roaming around and wasting your precious time.

Thus anyone who is serious on making profits at the shortest possible time should not start his business unless he is arm with a potent internet marketing plan which has the following components:

• Goals:

You must clearly visualize what you want your business to bring for you and who your target market is. This will become a useful guide in every move you do as you are well acquainted with your market preferences and familiar with the best methods to approach them with your products.

Example of goals may include making your first $1000. Online, getting your customers loyalty, boosting your plan in the public eye, or deciding from the beginning what type of goods to sell – tangible or intangible products.

• Budget:

One of the beautiful things about internet marketing is that you can start most of the businesses to profitability with a shoestring budget. But this does not rule out the fact you must have a budget set aside for your business.

Let it be enough to carry you to the next milestone, by then you have started to make money to support your business and yourself.

Hey, but this should never frighten you out of your vision.

Why? Because there are very many free options to choose from that can still help you till you can make enough money to spare for paid services.

• Time:

Making time budget is very necessary as you need to sacrifice some of the events you enjoy making room for you to pursue your vision.

This also includes the time frame you hope to realize your goals. This will call for arranging your vision into days, weeks, months and years.


As you partition your vision into time frame, the next thing to do is to fill those time-frames with task that you plan to do within those time-frames.

The truth is that it may not always be possible to finish each day’s, week’s or month’s task, but you see at a glance how much extra effort you need to pull you through to the next point.

• Learning Curve:

It will take ages if you want to learn and do all things by yourself.

So part of your plan should make provision for the time you will need to learn how this business works as well as taking cognizance of the fact that sometimes you need to hire a specialist to speed up things for you and take you to the next point. If your plan is to make money fast, then, consider this as a wise saying.

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Let your advertising plan be into two parts:

Free Advertising and

Paid Advertising.

You can start with free Ads on Craigslist, US Ads, etc and put money as you gain confidence and know what works and what does not work. Avoid paying high prices so that you don’t exhaust your budget prematurely.

• The Nifty-Gritty:

The strategic part of your plan should include the following approaches in IM:

Blog Website Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Apps

Affiliate Marketing

Info Marketing

Marketing With Email

These are easy and latest trends in this business that no wise marketer should ignore.

• Think outside the Box:

This means do random checks from time to time to see how well your business is faring and do some amendments when necessary, watch your competitors, and copy them. But do not copy them as a kid.

If your IM plan includes all these, then work it persistently because you already have a winner in your hand.

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