How To Develop Mindfulness To Become A Milllionaire?
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How to Develop Mindfulness to Become A Milllionaire?

What is the secret to become a millionaire?

Most people don’t know how to become a millionaire and that is why most never become financially successful. You won’t believe it but you are able to attract money by changing how you think…..

Sit back and enjoy the journey of How to develop mindfulness to become a Millionaire, in the next 6 lessons?

Lesson 1 Learn and listen from others experiences

By reading up on others success and where they started is an inspiration to most of us. Seeing that it was ordinary people that have moved beyond their circumstance and became millionaires.

The following people are just an example of a few people that have used their mindfulness to become a millionaire.

  • Man behind meditation app goes from monk to millionaire.

How a meditation app brought mindfulness to the masses, and success to its creator. Andy Puddicombe the mastermind-Andy was just 11 years old – when his long quest for inner calm began. His mother took him to a relaxation class in his home city of Bristol, which he mistakenly thought was going to be a kung fu lesson. Although disappointed he wouldn’t be karate chopping like Bruce Lee, the class did give the budding guru an insight into how quietening the mind could lead to a greater sense of wellbeing. But it wasn’t until Andy was much older and studying sports science at university that the memory of this early experience served as a turning point.

Bristol-born Andy set up Headspace to bring meditation to the masses in a way that would cut the airy-fairyness out of it. But what began as a simple concept to help people cope better with the stresses and strains of everyday life, has now become a global phenomenon worth �25 million. The app, which he narrates, has been downloaded by people in 150 different countries and even has an army of celebrity fans including Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow. They all swear by the soothing 10-minute bites of daily “timeout” prescriptions. -by the Telegraph

Become a Millionaire

Andy Puddicombe founder Headspace

  • High School Teacher Turned Multi-Millionaire.

Mark Pentecost just wanted to make another $500 a month to support his family and ended up with allot more that he bargained for. The husband and father of three had been a math teacher and varsity basketball coach in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the early 1990s and the idea of having a few more dollars at the end of each month moved him to look for sources of revenue beyond his teacher’s paycheck. Pentecost’s company, It Works!, is a direct sales enterprise that sells body contouring wraps, health foods and personal care products. Cloth wraps that promise to tighten and tone skin may seem a bit odd to some consumers but numbers do not lie: It Works! is closed out 2013 with about $500 million in total sales.

“We were dreaming. There were more things we wanted,” says Pentecost, now 56. “I was one of those guys that always read the books on how to get ahead. I loved reading biographies of other people that had done it and I was always trying to look out for how we could make extra money. I enjoyed teaching, I enjoyed coaching, but the income wasn’t enough to raise a family on.” by Forbes

Become a Millionaire

In the next few lessons you will learn the importance of changing your way of thinking to a mind that is open for achieving abundances.

Lesson 2

Your abundance and wealth can only grow to where you allow it to grow.

We are all taught from a young age that if we want to be wealthy we have to work for it. That is not far from the truth. However your inner self needs to be developed to be able to attract wealth.

Where you are today is a direct result of your past way of thinking and being.

Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970) was an American author best-known for hi work, Think and grow Rich (1937) had sold 20 million copies. Hill’s works insisted that fervid expectations are essential to increasing one’s income. Most of his books were promoted as expositing principles to achieve “success”. Hill was an advisor to two presidents of the United States of America. A “secret” of achievement was tantalizingly promised to readers of Think and Grow Rich, but Hill insisted readers would benefit most if they discovered it for themselves. Although he did not explicitly identify this secret in the book, he offered, 20 pages into the book: “If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will have it. . You may as well know, right here, that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually believe you will possess it.”

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”

How many successful people have we seen that have failed after reaching success. Most people do not have the internal capacity to create, hold and manage large amounts of money. With that comes increased challenges. That is one of the main reasons people don’t have an abundance of money.

Let’s take an apple tree as an example. The tree represents life. The tree carries apples. In real life the apples are our results. We focus on the fruits and tell our self that they are to big or to small or the color is not right. Most of us focus on the results (the apples), but actually produces those fruits? It is the seeds and the roots. The invisible stuff creates the visible stuff.

We need to change the seeds/roots. So how do we do it? Consider the following diagram.

Become a Millionaire Mindfulness

Our Thoughts become our Feelings, our Feelings become our Actions and Actions become our Results.

Herewith an example. Not having enough money is not the problem, but the result. If you think you don’t have enough money then not enough money is the result of your thinking.

Each one of us has a specific path we follow in our mind to come up with idea/ solutions. These paths are our plans or designs. The next lesson we will be going through is how do we change this paths to manifest a new path to financial abundance.

Lesson 3 How your Money path is formed

The path to your financial situation is formed by your thoughts , your feelings and actions towards money. These are all based on your roots/seeds that leads to results. The results are based on the outside world.

Now how do you change this money path to a millionaire mindfulness? Easy; through reprogramming of your mind. All of our minds have been programmed by our parents, siblings, schools, news, other media and culture, just to name a few. Take our schools, some schools have a certain way of thinking and teaching children about money, cultures differ in relation to how they treat money.

3 Methods that influences the money path:

  1. Verbal programming: What you heard.
  2. Modeling: What you saw.
  3. Specific Incidents: What you experienced.

1. Verbal Programming

What did you hear about money?

Money is a strange business. People who haven’t got it aim it strongly. People who have are full of troubles. Ayrton Senna

“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”

âۥGroucho Marx

Money does not grow on my back.

We can not afford it…..

Money Talks

Save your money for a rainy day

Haven’t we all heard one of these sayings in our life. These sayings stay with us in our subconscious mind forever and this is exactly what is in our Money path. By changing the way you talk about money to yourself and to others can change the money path.

2. Modeling

Monkey see monkey do.

Haven’t we all heard of this. If your parents were big spenders the chances are that you will be a big spender too. As kids we have learned most of our things by seeing what others do. To change your financial path you need to start modeling what successful people are doing.

3. Specific incidents

What did you experience when you were young. I had a friend who’s father was very rich, however he died of a heart attack at a very young age. My friend grew up and found a job, however he was always broke. I sat one day to help him with his finances and realized that the reason he was broke was the fact that he thought that having to much money is too stressful and leads to heart attack. He had to change that thinking in order to change his financial path.

This is the first 3 Lessons in “How to develop Mindfulness to become a Millionaire?” Next week I will continue with lesson 4 to 6.

Hope you enjoyed the lessons. Feel free to leave me a message.

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