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How To Earn Extra Money Blogging For Profit
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How to Earn Extra Money Blogging for Profit


There are a vast number of books and ebooks on the market that supposedly teach you how to blog for profit. They all promise to teach you that one thing that will make you the next millionaire. And guess what, they all do. They all teach one thing that made the person or company who wrote it a millionaire. But what if you could combine all those tips into one resource and become wealthy. In fact, there is already one source. It’s the Wealthy Affiliate guys, Kyle and Carson. And if you read their ebook Internet Wealth Guide 2.0 you will learn the master of all secrets to earning a fabulous part-time or full-time income online.

How to Earn Extra Money

Starting a blog for profit takes hard work. You have to be willing to get your hands figuratively dirty and roll up those sleeves and get to work. If you don’t like to write or think you are a horrible writer, it doesn’t matter, because there are hundreds of free online programs you can use to improve your writing skills and check your work for spelling and grammar mistakes.

The two biggest mistakes people make when it comes to blogging for profit are either hiring someone else to do the writing or giving up too early. The problem with hiring someone else to do the writing is, first, it’s taking money from your pocket. And second, their spelling, grammar, and even writing style will not attract like-minded people to you and your blog. Instead it will attract people like your writer. And that’s a huge mistake, especially if you use multiple writers. You want likeminded people to come to your site because if they know you, like you, and trust you, they will be your customers for life.

How to Get Started Blogging for Income

So it takes hard work, first you need to set up your blog. I recommend blogger platform over the Wordpress platform, even though Wordpress has all these fancy plug-ins, you will find that as a beginner, blogger is easier to start up and its much cheaper at $10 per year as opposed to a recurring monthly fee plus other fees for using them for Adspace and not hosting their ads on your space. Plus there are hundreds, if not thousands of fancy and professional blogger templates out there ready to go for free. Wordpress templates can cost tens to hundreds of dollars.

Second, you will need to fill your blog with amazing content. You want engaging, researched content that will draw like-minded people to you. I recommend writing one post per day for the first two to three months and then at least 3 posts per week after that. That is, if you plan to make money blogging.

Third, you will need to monetize your blog. I hate that word because it often carries the idea of filling your blog with irrelevant ads. Instead, research affiliates to partner with and find products that match each post. Then, when you qualify, apply for programs such as AdSense or Chitika to monetize the sidebars and draw additional revenues.

Fourth, you will need to advertise your blog. There are many ways to do this and you should do all of them. First, write more articles and submit them to directories such as Street Articles, Article Income (which allows for AdSense), and other places you will find listed on my blog. Then go plug your blogs feed into your social media so it auto-updates multiple streams of social media. I prefer twitter since it republishes to all other social media and allows the use of AdSense. Then go purchase some advertising, you can start out with less expensive companies, such as Linkworth or Linkshare and then work your way up to AdWords. And finally, get out and mingle with your competition online.

How to Build Money Blogging

While it sounds easy on the surface, it is like any other job in the respect that you have to show up every day and work. The difference is that you build an income by building a monetized blog daily and you continue to get paid from the time you post the work online until you take it down in the future. So the hour or two you spend today will continue to pay you in the weeks, months and years to come. Instead of getting paid once and that being the end of it.

You build an online income by showing up, working hard, and sticking with it. The earning part really is in the follow thought. Take a clue from the Wealthy Affiliate Guys, Kyle and Carson, they have been building this business model since 2005 and know how to make it work for amazing profits. Most people reading this and seeing the opportunity will walk away from it and go back to mourning their pitiful incomes simply because it shows up at your fingertips and looks like hard work. But anything worth achieving in this life takes work, including a sizable income by creating a profitable blog.

Street Talk

Really enjoyed reading your article. Found it very honest about what it takes to build a successful website.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you informative information.

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