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How To Succeed In Niche Marketing:
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How To Succeed In Niche Marketing:

The fastest way to succeed in making money online is to do niche marketing – that is selling your products to niche markets. It is simple to do and how to start with the idea and end up with cash is what I want to explain in this article.

A niche is a small section of the market that has common needs which you can salvage for them and get paid in return. Because the market is small, most gurus and corporations are likely going to ignore it, that’s what makes it profitable for an Entrepreneur like me and you.

Now, how do we discover these niches, and what are the proves that they are profitable enough to make a living from them?

Just pay attention as I take you step by step to where the Gold abounds.


Start by discussing with your friends and family members to find out areas of their unresolved needs. Also look at them and listen to people as they discuss so you can know what areas of their life that they will need help or information urgently.

It is likely that if your acquaintances have such needs, other people around the globe are facing similar challenges.

The next task is to find out the market size.

Market Demand

You have to go online to assess the size of the market. Use any of the free keyword tools to find out how many people have such need. Examples of such keyword tools are Google AdWord Keyword Tool, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, etc.

Take an example of a keyword like 'Acne'.

Using the Google Adword Tool you can quickly see how many people are seeking a solution to that problem. The numbers if it is up to five thousand searches, the market is profitable.

All these tools will also show you so many variations of the searches done on the word ‘Acne’. If for instance – herbal cure for acne, cure for facial acne or cure for acne in pregnancy, etc.

You can do further searches on these small variations of your keywords.

This is a sure way to discover your niche – remember our definition of a niche market.

There is another way to discover a niche and that is what I want to discuss next.

Visit Amazon website, type in ‘’books’’ on the search bar. It will bring out book titles on various subjects. Click on the one that pertains to your interest. Let say hypertension is your keyword.

It will bring out all the books on hypertension. Note carefully the number of searches on each topic of different books that is display.

You your aim is to sit back and create an eBook on the one or more of the topics of those books with the highest clicks.

Why? Now listen very carefully.

Practical How-To Guide

Most people going online for information on are looking for ready-made practicable info to help them solve their problem instantly. They are not looking for lectures.

For example most people looking for a solution for the problem of hypertension are not medical literates, so they may not even understand those textbook medical jargon, talk less of having time to go through volumes of book to find an answer that will give them immediate relief of their pains or illness.

They want immediate gratification. That is where you can come in to help them. By just creating handy, practical, easy to understand, easy to follow and apply eBook that guide them to solve their problem in the now.

Desperate Niche With Urgent Needs

This is another check you must do before making your choice. Note that the niche that you choose finally must cater for urgent and in fact desperate needs as well as be a niche that is willing to spend money.

Such niches as Health and Fitness, Relationship and Make Money niches seem to continuously qualified in these criteria. A lot of people are always in one need or the other in these niches. That means you will always be in business providing them with info to solve their needs.

Write The eBook:

Next is to just sit down and write your eBook. Twenty-five to fifty-page eBook is enough. Solve one problem per each eBook. Just package it nicely and in a way that is downloadable with ease.

Sales Letter:

Also write a good sales letter the will help promote your product with ease. You can see how others are writing their sales letters at Clickbank or Commission Junction (CJ)

Set Up:

Set up your sales letter and the product properly and test–drive it before you expose it to the public. Clickbank, share a sale, etc have all the facilities to help you collect your money cool.

Get The Word Out:

Horn your marketing skills and let the world know what you have to offer. You can do this with articles, SEO, social media, mobile apps, etc.

Rinse and Repeat:

If you did your research and marketing well, it won’t take long before you recoup your investment.

Then just rinse and repeat the process.

If you are not yet totally orientated on the enlisted process of creating your very own niche product, you can use Elance, Guru, Fiverr or any other freelancing sites to do it for you online cheap and fast.

Note that to get a huge success in niche marketing; you are to aim at creating many mini sites that can fetch you at least 1k per month. Yeah, that is what niche marketing is all about. This may not happen overnight. But putting the revenue from your several blogs together over time is the secret the gurus are using to become millionaires from niche marketing.

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