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Online Home Business Team - Blogging Platform
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Online Home Business Team  -  Blogging Platform

What it takes to set up your blogging platform and what it will do for your online home business.

The first thing that you need to do is get yourself a domain name. This could be your name or keywords that relates to your business.

Go daddy is a hosting company for domains. What is a domain. It is a unique web address for your website.

Once you have your domain. You will need to register your domain with a hosting company like Host Gator.

Now that you you have your domain registered to your website.

Now it's time to go back to your hosting site (host gator). and set up wordpress.

You will need to download wordpress to your website. Go to the Host gator c panel login in. An follow the directions on how to set up wordpress on your website.

What wordpress is is a set of tools to put your blogs together and build your website.

A blogging platform is a nerve center for your business.

Why every business needs to have a blogging platform.

A blog is a online publishing platform that allow you to publish content and post it on your web pages that can brand you and build a following.

You can generate free traffic to your blogging platform by using the social marketing sites, other bloggers, and search engines by following some simple steps.

A blog is not a stationary website that does nothing but sit there. It's an interactive and dynamic publishing medium.

As you publish your content, others have the opportunity to post on your content and gave feedback about what they thought.

What this does is add a social dynamic to your marketing and in return allows you to build your own community of readers and contributes.

You can generate free traffic to your blogging platform by using the social marketing sites, other bloggers, and search engines by following some simple steps.

Blogging is the easier way to get traffic and leads to build your online home business.

There several ways to get better results to your blog through press releases, podcasts, article marketing, and many more strategies which you can us to generate traffic to your blogging platform.

You can use sale letter, brochures, corporate websites, advertisements, and other types of marketing strategies but blogs are looked at with more credibility.

Lets just review what your blogging platform can do for you to build your successful online home business.

A blog is more effective to help the visitors as long as you are providing great content,valve, and entertainment.

A blog is dynamic publishing medium that interacts. It's not a website that that just sits there and does nothing.

A great thing that your blog can do is build a community that each visitor can comment on your content and share with others to give you more exposure by the interaction of others.

Once your blog is set up you want to remember not to advertise yourself but provide value and be entertaining.

Be creative and maintain your blogging platform bring value.

Your ultimate goal is to provide real value and a social community of faithful followers to your bogging platform.

Leave comments and share if you enjoyed. To your Success!

Street Talk

Great article and a lot of excellent pointers. Building that community can be done with real solid content.

  about 1 decade ago
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