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Ten Tips For Blogging Success
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There a hundreds of ways to make your blog successful, in this article I have picked the ten I believe are the basic ten rules that a blog requires. There are others like adding images, chosing your niche wisely etc, but these are the ten that I recommend

Tips for Successful Blogging

1. Blog about your passion. It is a lot easier to write on a regular basis about a subject that you are passionate about, as well as having knowledge about that subject you are more likely to do the research required to update your blog. Your passion is the most important element in the success or failure of your blog, as this is where your effort will ultimately come from.

2. If you are serious about blogging get your own domain. The main reason for this is that it gives you an identity separate for blogging sites. This also allows you to design the site to your own requirements and if it has a following will get you higher page rankings on the internet.

3. Add content regularly: There is a phrase "a blog a day keeps the day job away", a blog can be compared to   a pet that you care for each day. If you have a dog, you will walk the dog, feed the dog and most probably pet the dog, this is the same for your blog. By adding regular and good quality content, you stop your blog from going stale and you continue to get visitors. Aim for a blog a day that is 300 to 500 words long, and at a minimum add five new posts a week. This will keep your blog healthy and keep the visitors coming in.

4. Check your content for accuracy a quality, then once you have done this do it again. Make sure your post is  easy to understand and if it has a technical aspect then break it down to lay man terms the best you can.

5. Read other peoples blog. This will give you ideas for content and layout. It will also give you an understanding of how to improve your blog.

6. Link you blogs to other blog sites with similar content. This can create back links as well as helping the reader to find more informattion on they're interests.

7. Write with a personnal touch. Invite people to get to know who you are with comments that you believe to be true. When doing so invite comments from the visitor. It's all about building relationships.

8. Answer any comments and offer help if someone requires further advice on your blog or it's content.

9. Mention your scources or references in doing so you are giving credit to those who have given freely to you.

10. Add an about me, content, in doing so you are letting people understand what it is that you are about and the purpose and reason for your blogs.

Get inspired and get blogging, it is supposed to be fun and not a day job.


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