The Art Of Seduction By Landing Page
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Hello there, I can see that you have built yourself a nice shiny new landing page. What's that you say?

You shouldn't have wasted your time and effort!

Why on earth not?, You worked hard to get your sales copy up to speed and you've got a nice looking demo video. So what's the problem?

People keep on bouncing, your analytics tell you that nobody stays and you are getting frustrated. So what are you going to do about it, how are you going to improve your conversions?

Well, I have a few tips which may help, you might already be aware of some of them but I can almost guarantee that you don't know them all!

Focus On The Goal

At least that's what my sports teacher used to shout at me when I first started playing football (BTW that's a game played with the feet and a ball-hence the name!) but before you can do even that, the goal has to be laid out or defined.

Who are you targeting, if you're targeting more than one type or class, you certainly need more than one landing page.

What are you offering them, tell them what your offer is worth, especially if it's free.

Why should the accept your offer, what's in it for them?

Why not, what's holding them back, why wouldn't they accept your offer>

Where have they just come from, what message have they just read and just what have they been led to believe they will see?

Take action and decide whether they should join your email list, sign up for your free but valuable webinar or just buy your product.

They Breathe Too!

Traffic is people! Numbers don't click your button, they don't sign up, they don't buy; People do!

Treat your readers, prospects, leads like the human beings they are! Just like you, they have strange ideas and logical ones. They are interested in your offer: or not! They have desires and fears and wishes, they will buy your product: or not!

They are human, just like you, so write your copy for them, not at them!

Engage them in the conversation, talk to them about those desires, fears and wishes using the "you" word, make them feel involved.

Fascinate them by answering the unspoken questions (those that you would ask) directly without any bullshit and keep them stuck to your page.

Persuade them of the value of your offer, show them how it will make them happier, fitter, more productive.

Tell them quite clearly and unambiguously what you expect them to do next with a call to action.

So, Seduce Them!

No, I'm sorry - very sorry! If there were any magic pick-up lines available I would have used them myself well before this!

There are none!

So you are back to the tried and true methods of old. You have to speak, write to your reader, your prospect so that he (she) knows you understand the problems and the needs and desires that confound all of us. Make them feel special and show them how you can solve their problems.

So, how are you going to do that, write copy that seduces the reader and makes them an integral part of your tribe?

Headlines, don't ponce about get straight to the point, you don't want any vacillation or uncertainty.

Subheaders should be engaging and give the reader reason for continuing

Bullet points cut the crap and draw the eye down the page.

Value each feature to the reader, it's all about them, not you!

Specifics are important, don't use old, worn-out clichés.

Testimonials are always useful in overcoming objections, quotes from experts can be used beneficially also.

Facts not opinions are what make people believe and trust you.

Emotions of your reader can be used to achieve a favourable response.

Language is tremendously important, use your reader's language, use their phrases, become one of the family.

Check, check and check again. Don't mis-spell words or make silly grammatical mistakes. They undermine your credibility. Use Spell-Check!

Action Time!

OK! All the copy is written, the readers are convinced (you hope), all you have to do is persuade them to click or sign up. So how are you going to persuade them.

First person writing is critical when writing the copy for your button. Make the copy finish the sentence "I want to -." In other words, button copy that says "Join your group" or "Order now" or "Get the free white paper."

Friction or hesitation is overcome by ensuring hassle-free procedures, 'No Credit card required' or 'One minute sign-up'.

Design your button so that it is in a logical place, following on from the headline and most important, make it look like a button and use a contrasting colour to make it stand out from the body of the text so that your readers know to click it!

Forms, in fact asking for any information that isn't absolutely vital will simply slow down the readers.

Repetition of your call to action several times will aid the readers to click when they are ready.

Cut The Crap!

Have you notices how you, yourself speed around the web? The next time you are doing some surfing, take note of how you actually do motor around. The strange (?) thing is, others do the same!

Some readers will actually take the time to slow and read your content, most of them won't. They will scan your page quickly. On the average only 28% of the words on a page are read.

So it's up to you to make sure that the average reader will get enough information - at a glance - to enable them to decide it is worth reading. Cut out all the fluff, pare it to the bone. Review and edit!

Make it scannable, use the tricks I have already mentioned, headlines, subheads, bullet points.

Make it simple so that the readers can get where you are heading, don't use jargon, use the KISS principle, Keep It Simple and Specific!

Make it relevant, everything that doesn't aid you in directing them to your goal must go.

Make it tight by eliminating rubbish word like 'really, just, awesome, very' Basically, any adverbs and most of the adjectives!

Make One goal! Eliminate any other links and distractions, kick the navigation menu into the crowd. You have but one aim!

Make It Clear!

Because both design and content interact and reinforce each other, both impact the perception of who and what you are

What perception do you want to give your readers, an upmarket store or a dollar shop? Are you going to show them good design and quality goods or just the cheapest and bugger the design?

How are you going to show them around, what impression do you want to make?

Design cues like colour highlights for the most important elements, font size and style to draw attention to specifics and white space to give the eye a rest.

Scrolling is encouraged by curiosity, they want to see what comes next.

Readablilty is assisted by short lines and large fonts, allowing the readers to slip-slide through your content. Remember, only 28% of the words are read!

Paragraphs should be kept short and right to the point, three or four lines.

Images, photos, cartoon, gifs, all of these can not only decorate but illustrate another side of the point you may be propounding.

Directions and sight lines can direct your reader's eye to where you want it to go.

Colours should be simple with the odd splash every now and then as a counterpoint.

What's It For?

Each landing page should have a specific purpose, a specific target in mind, a particular person. You need to identify them and get inside their minds, what is it that makes them tick.

You need to be able to understand their dreams and aspirations, their motivations and desires and, at the same time their fears and hesitations. What is it that holds them back?

Once you have that understanding, give them something that they will love and tell them why they'll love it. They will love you for telling them!

Landing pages are all about seduction!

More soon

Street Talk

Great article...

  about 6 years ago

Thank you Juan, seduction is, I think, the 'secret sauce' in any relationship, business or otherwise!

  about 6 years ago

Sorry Andrew, your email address has not come through! Thanks for the comment though, It would look better if I could get them to allow the images as well!

  about 6 years ago

Very good

  about 6 years ago
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