The Money Is In The List!
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The Money Is In The List!

How many times have you seen or heard that quote? Of course, it does rather depend on the list doesn't it?

Was it bought or built?

By you or someone else?

Is it a buyers list?

The most intimate mode for you to communicate with your audience is through their inboxes, especially if you are invited in! At that point, attention to your message is at its' highest, most intense.

Email conversions in 2012 (4.25%) beat by a large margin both search conversions (2.5%) and conversions from Social Media (0.6%)

Email is a business medium, a place where transactions are handled and the inbox is the place to be found, particularly when you're invited in.

That's what you have to build toward, fired up by free, valuable content and fueled by permission.

When I started this series of posts, I started talking about the so-called 'unfair advantage' gained over your competitors when, thanks to the valuable and free content with which you have smothered the social media, you now have search traffic, all targeted, from which to build a list.

What you now have to realise is that, although you were going through the process of optimising your content, what you were doing, in fact, was optimising your audience!

By optimising in each area that we have spoken about, we arrive at a situation where in each area there are some who don't quite trust you yet, some who are getting there, and right in the centre, the optimised content marketing centre, is where you will find your audience; YOUR audience. Where everything comes together, they are the "True Fans", the fans who will follow you and who trust you.

Even those just outside the centre are invaluable because they will share and talk about your content, spreading it even further. They are the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn fans, the ones who 'Like' and 'Favourite' you, invaluable!

Your goal ("If you choose to accept it") is to be constantly moving those people on the 'outer' closer in so that they also become "True Fans". It is at this point in your relationship with them that the Autoresponder becomes your ally in focusing an email channel between you and your audience of 'not-sure-yet'.

And be sure not to forget your existing true fans, that core of customers and clients who are still part of your audience, not only a part, they are vital members of it because they will continue to share also, maybe even proslytise for you and gradually, more sales because of that!

The Double-heart of stacked stones or the Twin-Heart Fish Trap is a stone weir located on the north side of Cimei, an island in the Penghu archipelago to the west of Taiwan. It is a well-preserved ancient fish trap made by stacking stones to form a trap that resembles a flying heart

This is a picture of an ancient fish trap, made with piled rocks and stones off the coast of Taiwan and it's an example or a demonstration of what we are trying to do with our audience (and NO, we are not trying to trap them!).

We are trying to give them many points of entry into the system or funnel, all of those entry ways leading to the same, single core. Not a trap but the core of our audience, our stronger relationship circles.

It is at about this time that an Email autoresponder or some other form of automated marketing will become your life-long friend, enabling you to 'drip feed' your audience with further valuable content. This has been shown to be more effective and boost ultimate sales conversions than trying the 'direct selling' approach.

Once again, content leads over selling by directly pitching to the audience in almost every niche, with a little patience, good valuable content will achieve the desired result.

Strange though it may seem there is one strand that runs right through these recent posts and it is content! The engagements and discussions generated in the social media platforms and the outright search traffic that arises from it are all critical aspects of any content marketing endeavour.

However, the engagements and discussions are really about building an audience that shares, proslytises and eventually converts. You are building the most valuable item in any marketers arsenal, you are building your LIST! And the key to building that list, the list that hears you, trusts you, loves you is content creation.

More soon

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