The Most Evils Guys On The Web
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The Most Evils Guys On The Web

Scams Vs Spams What is The Most Evil?

First of all we must define what's what. For who and what is evil. In this age in which we live are words that mean danger. These are stalking you every day. And they tell me the Addware, and even Spyware Hacker?

But I want to make it clear the first two. And others have learned to protect and soon to be the words of the past such as Floppy Disc

The word Spam was the first that appeared in the technology scene. It has American roots. The Hormel

Foods in 1937 launched a canned meat called Hormel's Spiced Ham. Spam ("Spiced Ham", "spiced ham") and was used for military food (very cheap).

Then in years 90's was used in the form of mockery as this was in all the dishes of the time. When the Internet began to grow, some inexperienced users mistakenly sent personal messages to a whole list of emails or groups that could involve several hundred people which caused inconvenience and lost time to other users receiving those unwanted emails. For 1993 someone called those unwanted emails as spam. The messages were created like the joke, because no one could eat without bumping into the stiff.

With the present fear and discomfort of service users Emails companies added to the service they were providing programs that identified them. So for me, this term in which we engage us, becomes part of history no longer have to meet them. There are several types of these on the web.

Spam blogs

Consists comment on an entry, it usually has nothing to do with it but it has links to commercial sites, or endorses any product. The Akismet is a plugin for WordPress that automatically detects the comments tended to be mass mailing.

Spam Emails

Most of the emails exchanged on the Internet, being used to advertise products and services of dubious quality. Usually the sender of the messages indicate a false email address. For this reason, no good answer spam messages: responses will be received by users who have nothing to do with them. For now, the service can not identify email messages so that it can discriminate the real email address of the sender, a fake. Automatic spam filters analyze the content of messages like, for example, words like Rolex, Viagra, and sex are the most common in unwanted messages.We recommend not using these words in the email correspondence: the message could be rated as junk mail by massive anti engines.

Spam forums

Spam, within the context of the post, is when a user posts something that detracts or not has nothing to do with the topic of conversation. Also, in some cases, a message that does not contribute in any way to the subject is considered spam. A third form of spamming in forums is when a person repeatedly publishes messages about a particular topic in an undesirable way to most of the forum. Finally, there is the case where a person only post messages in order to increase your rank, level or number of forum posts. Spam is also when a public user comments that contain links or any kind of reference to a similar website in order to attract more users and visitors to it.

Lately are opening dedicated to spam links, so that users who want to post no other slow links. These dedicated links to spam have become really important and are widely used. Have awakened new movements that have developed online communities dedicated 100% to spam, as spamloco, spamfestuy and espamearte, among the aged.

Spam in social networks

It is a new form of spam that involves sending advertising jobs, advertising directly to users without professional social networking they have requested or post social network.

Two examples of corporate spam in this sector are sending unsolicited contacts from Facebook users invitations, and the "automatic response" advertising that is done randomly from MSN Hotmail when someone sends a message to a mailbox that corporation. These I have mentioned above have been the most worrying in which we live every day on the web.Furthermore, the scams are more and more concern for those who use the services of Blogs and offer as this away to our readers and members prospective clients for not knowing how to identify and even handle them.

Scam is a term used colloquially to refer to a network of corruption. Today is also used to define scam attempts through fraudulent emails or websites. Generally, it is intended economically defraud by deceit presenting a supposed donation to receive a prize or lottery prior to sending money that is accessed.

Chains can be misleading emails scams monetary loss if and when there is only deception. Scam not only refers to email scams, also called scam websites that are intended to provide a product or service that is actually false, so a scam.

To not be affected by these threats, people should avoid accessing information whose source is unreliable. A good practice is to eliminate all kinds of unsolicited emails to avoid the scam. It is also important not to use money in payment for services or products which do not possess nor references to track the transaction via SMS and Email are potential risk factors, so that transactions by these means should be properly validated before undertaken.

In the attacks carried out by Social Engineering, the weak link is being pointed at people and their ingenuity. Keep informed about new methodologies and educated in computer security is the ideal way to avoid falling victim to them via


Social Engineering is the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulation of legitimate users. It is a technique that can use certain people, such as private investigators, criminals or hackers to obtain information, access or privileges in information systems that allow them to perform any act that harms or expose the person or organization committed to risk or abuse .

Anyway, as you have seen here both are very harmful to our lives on the web. Before reading this letter which I thought was the most volatile and dangerous? Of course the answer is both, if we do not know how to identify them.

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