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Do Board Games Benefit From Poor Economy?
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Board games continue to stay in the market, even though they have to compete with flashier more modern video games.  Does the economy have anything to do with this fact?  It does make sense that if we have unemployed people then families have more time to spend together.  And board games are a one time investment that can reap years of play time, while a video game is usually only fun only until you conquer or master it.  Besides, with video games you would have to have all the equipment in the first place, which costs money, and then buying games on top of that can really add up.  So people still go to board games for a fun and cheap form of entertainment.

What types of board games are people playing?  Of course there are so many, but Monopoly has definitely stood the test of time still selling copies today.  However, there may be a switch in this trend as games that have more of a team approach, such as Settlers of Catan, are beginning to be more appealing to players. 

Obviously in Monopoly there is one person that emerges and rules the game alone.  Fun for that one person, the rest of the game for the fellow players is not as fun or challenging.  If you are the one not taking over the game with your “monopoly” then what is the point if there is no hope of winning in the end? 

Settlers of Catan keeps players involved and usually neck in neck until the end.  Players can bargain and trade and help each other build what they need to and benefit themselves in the process.  

Some people argue that there are many life lessons to learn from games such as Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, while others just believe that board games can be beneficial in learning how to cope with emotions in a competitive environment.  You can read more about what experts are saying on the matter in the article “Getting back in the game” from the Chicago Tribune.

Whether it is because of the economy or not, I believe that board games will continue to hang around on our store shelves for years to come.  We are social; we enjoy competing with our friends and family in all sorts of ways.  You don’t need any special skills to start playing board games and as long as your willing to learn, it opens up a great form of entertainment.  

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