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If you have a daughter, niece, cousin, or know any other young girl, why not get them a game made just for them! Here are a few games for girls only that are sure to bring some smiles!

For the sweet younger girls who love everything princess related, a sure favorite would be Pretty Pretty Princess. This game is geared for girls ages 5-8 years old. There is a jewelry box filled with different colored jewelry and as you make your way around the board you try and get all of your own colored pieces as well as the beloved crown to win! The black ring is the twist thrown in as you cannot win if you have it- so you must get rid of it before the end. The opposite side of the spinner is a mirror for the winner to see how she looks all decked out in her jewels as a princess. A silly, sweet dress up game that also comes in a variety of Disney Princess versions! This is definitely one of the best games for girls only.

Since we are on the princess topic, why not try out the Princess and the Pea Game! This is a traditional board game with beds for the moving pieces. As you make your way around the board you add mattresses to your piece! Try to get around the board and build the highest bed to win the Prince's heart! A simple game for girls ages 5 and older.

If your girl is 7 years or older and believes that there is nothing better than a slumber party, then the TableTopics - Slumber Party game is a great choice. It's a conversational game that contains 135 different questions for girls about all the things they love! It is sure to get them laughing and then whispering throughout the night, which is what makes slumber parties so much fun in the first place!

If you want more slumber party fun, then try out Sleepover Games: Truth or Fashion Dare and Slam Cards. Its a tin full of fun games for girls only! Truth or Dare games, fashion type games and of course many questions to answer with friends. So spill it and whisper secrets all night after having a fun with this fabulous game pack!

Most girls these days are into American Girl Dolls and accessories, but did you know they have games as well? The American Girl 300 Wishes Board Game is sweet for girls ages 8-12. The game comes with diaries, keys and "wish" cards that have careers, accomplishments or just experiences on them. The cards are dealt and in the game you try to match up the wish cards with whoever it fits with best. This game is a fantastic way to get to know your friends better, and definitely start some conversations.

There are plenty of games for kids but if you are looking for games for girls only, look into the games mentioned above. Of course you want to consider the girls interests and age and make sure it is something she will enjoy. Maybe you'd like some more ideas, after all, there are plenty of board games that kids can play! The Top 10 Board Games list has some really exciting party games that may be just right for your girl, or look into the kids or Jr. versions of those games. There is something for everyone- even games for girls only!


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