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“Right hand on yellow!”  At some point growing up you most likely heard this phrase or something like it when playing Twister! 

If you’ve never played, your missing out!  Twister, a classic game made by Hasbro, is one board game that gets you up out of your seats as you try to outlast your friends on a mat full of colored dots.  This active game will have you test your balance and get up close and personal with friends as you bend and twist around arms and legs to claim the dot on the mat with a hand or foot.  It usually ends up with everyone twisted up and falling all over each other in fits of giggles.  Kids of all ages and even adults love it! 

Twister has been around since the mid-60’s and keeps generation after generation interested!  I suppose that is why it’s in the running to be put in the National Toy Hall of Fame! 

Personally, I would have never thought to put Twister in the Hall of Fame.  It was fun, yes, but even though I grew up playing twister with my friends, cousins, and even some aunts and uncles;  it still seemed like a fad.  Since it was new to me and my family, everyone was super excited about it and we played it all the time.  Then the uniqueness and popularity died out over time.  I really haven’t played it in years but now that I’m reminded of it, I want to break it out and find some friends to play it all over again!  I guess that is why it’s stood the test of time and now it may just be in the Hall of Fame forever!

The Hall of Fame out of Rochester, New York revealed their top finalists just this week with Twister being on that list.  Hasbro was thrilled about the choice.  You can read more about it and other finalists that made the cut from the CBS News Story, “Twister among Toy Hall of Fame finalists”.

Twister is definitely a unique board game and clever using actual people for the “pieces” and hopefully will be played for generations to come.  It’s just one of many board games that can bring people together, in this case very literally!  I hope to see a rise in interest for board games, because they do bring families and friends closer.  Many memories can be made over your favorite board games.    

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