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Intex Inflatable Excursion 5 – Fun Party Boat
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Intex Inflatable Excursion 5 – Fun Party Boat

Vinyl Blow-Up Recreation Boats

The bigger version of these blow-up boats can have up to 5 people on board. They also have the necessary fittings attached for adding an Intex motor mount to enable you to set up an electric trolling motor. You must also take into consideration that apart from paying for the boat there are quite a few other costs involved.

The excursion blow up-boat is a fun party raft that is requires 2 people to paddle it. If you need to do longer distances to explore more distant bays or places, then I suggest you either install an electric trolling motor or small gas outboard.

These blow-up boats are sold in many countries and are proven robust products. They are designed for outdoor recreation on inland waterways and meet stringent safety standards.

Excursion 5 Boat Set

The Excursion 5 is rated for a maximum of five persons per raft. They are easy to inflate or deflate through the 3 quick-fill Boston Valves using the supplied high-output hand pump. If in a hurry, then a 12 volt air pump is another great option to consider.

For safety reasons, the boat is constructed out of 3 separate chambers.

They are designed for a maximum 30 pound thrust electric trolling motor or a 1.5 horsepower outboard.

The boat is made of welded vinyl, which has a nice soft feel to it, but the material is very tough with long-term durability.

For extra rigidity and comfort these boats have built in inflatable I-beam floors.

The raft comes with two inflatable seats with backrests which can be pumped up to any comfortable hardness.

Fixed on the chambers are four fishing rod holders, wielded oar locks and holders and motor mount fittings to which you can fit an Intex motor mount kit. This is an extra item you will have to get separately.

For easy lifting and getting back on board if swimming, are grab handles and a 360 degree grab line.

Included is a set of easy to assemble aluminum oars. Not the strongest but quite adequate.

For storing small items, there is also a gear pouch

This is a large Five-person raft and measures 66 inches wide x 17 inches high x 144 inches long. This boat weighs 57.6-pounds and has a 1,000-pound maximum weight limit

Intex Boats are US Coast Guard ID approved

Made For Fun

These boats are a not meant to replace the stronger and all weather resistant Hypalon or PVC inflatables that cost a great deal more and can be left out in the open exposed to all the elements. If properly looked after, the Intex will last a long time and give you and your family many hours of fun on the water.

If you accidentally puncture the boat, use a recommended puncture repairs kit for a simple to apply long-lasting repair.

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