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Diet To Build Muscle
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Diet to Build Muscle

Hey Guys!

Today I will be covering over diet. I know everyone that does bodybuilding just thinks about supplements and what can help my body get bigger. But go basics first diet is so important. Make sure you get the exact ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If your trying to put on muscle go with P carbohydrates, 5 proteins and fats. I will go over what foods are good for each category.

The foods you need when getting in the carbohydrates are pasta, potatoes, wholemeal bread, non-sugary cereals, rice but brown rice is so much better than white, lots of fruits and yoghurt an I'm d just going over some briefly. With these carbohydrate foods they have good fats and sugars in them. What you don't want to do is eat ice cream, lollies, chocolate and soft drinks because they have bad sugars and fats in them. Protein rich foods are milk, cheese, fish, tinned salmon and tuna, eggs everyday, fruits, vegetables, beans everyday, nuts and obviously all meats especially chicken, turkey which are more than half protein, beef, pork and funnily enough Alistair Overeem eats horse meat as it's so lean and consumes so much protein. Get the leanest meat possible, its less processed and has more protein in it. You will also find in these good protein and carbohydrate foods that you will get your essential fats from, remember fats help our brain work, help our organs work. Especially in fish they have fatty acids which is vital!

This is my diet.

Breakfast: 4 egg omelette with cheese and ham. 3 Weetbix cereal with honey. UpnGo.

Snack: Sunflower Seeds, Pistachio Nuts which have huge amounts of iron. Smoothie with frozen berries, low fat milk, low fat yoghurt, a banana and an egg or a scoop of protein.

Lunch: Either a salmon sandwich on wholemeal bread or a tin of baked beans on wholemeal bread. Sesame seed bar or a muesli bar. low fat rice crisps. Eat something you enjoy every meal just find out what you like and is good for you. An avocado and an apple.

Snack. Olive Oil on wholemeal bread. Carrot. Treat yourself such as a sweet which has a few carbohydrates but not too many.

Dinner: Chicken, Fish, Beef, Pork or Pasta depends on the night. Mashed Potato. Broccoli, Carrot.

Supper: Low fat fruit drink. Spaghetti.

Water through every meal is the most important. Water is one of the best supplements, you won't put on much muscle without water. You need at least 2 litres a day.

Thats my diet, don't copy it. Find something you like, work with things, listen to others and you will pick up things.

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  about 9 years ago
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