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My Perfect Day
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My Perfect Day

At about 7:00am every morning I have breakfast with my family, along with taking care of my financial obligation for that day, which includes providing money for school lunch,Gardener,Utilities and funds for the wife. It's vital that everyone be happy. The Bible states that money answered all your problems.

Today is my day of leisure, I shall not do any kind of work today. I am going to the beach for relaxation, meditation and rest. I am leaving behind the stress of my office and the many problems of my staff and others. I am in search of peace and quietness and to enjoy the pristine environment and beauty, that only Goodman's Bay can offer.

As I approach the beach, I can feel the warm tropical breeze and view its white sandy beach. As I looked skyward I could see the brightness of the sun. The palm trees swaying and the leaves of the cedar trees are dancing as the breeze engulfed them. The green vegetation surrounding the beach, offers a special enhancement to the landscape, which is a joy for those who a lucky to see it.

As I relax on my beach towel and begin to enjoy the view, I begin to inhale deeply as a means of enjoying this pristine environment. The sun was shining brightly, with the calmness of the water, it made the surface of the water to look like a sheet of glass. As I look in the distance, I can see a number of tourist coming in my direction. As they drew near, I can hear laughter and see the smiles of happiness and joy on their faces. As they passed me, I could smell the aromatic in their tanning lotion. And while gazing at the seashore, I marveled at God's creation.

This day must not only be a day of rest, but of pleasure also. So I got up and began walking on the shoreline collecting shell and allowing the aqua green sea water to caress and invigorate my feet, as I strolled from one end of the beach to the other, this is a pleasure worth experiencing again and again.

It's about 12:30 pm and I am leaving the beach for lunch. I am going to meet a few friends to discuss various issues about to our country. The voting for the election is right around the corner, so I know this will be a topic. But I also know we will discuss business and problem solving as it relates to our own business.

It's now time to leave the restaurant and head to the gym, where I will workout for about two hours, and afterward I would get a rub down, to release tension and relax the muscles of my body. From the gym I will go home and relax with my family and watch local and international new.

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