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Prophetic Visions, Dreams, Messages for our time

-Daniel Affi

For about 15 years since the Lord called me into the prophetic ministry, I have received countless visions and revelations consistently from Him. And through me, He gave countless prophesies; a hundreds of which have come to pass. Some happened within hours, a few days, weeks, while others came to pass after months and years. I know Him as a God who keeps His word; He doesn’t fail. I am not writing this to lift up myself in anyway, but to tell you the certainty of the things I wrote.


I saw a man in a vision. He was ugly, dark, old and slim. He had a shapeless head with little hair; his hairs were scanty. He was not attractive. He was on the altar and there was a congregation before him. I was among the congregation. He was highly anointed, blowing his trumpet and prophesying with it, but there was no song. All we could hear was the sound. The sound was meaningful and it was telling us of the wisdom of God, what to do and how to do it for the now and the future. Only few were paying attention to his prophecies; others despised and not concentrating. Instead of paying attention, they were discussing among themselves, and others were looking at him as a frustrated man with no importance in life. He had in him the power to release curses that could fall on the people, but he refrained from it, then the vision disappeared. Suddenly, this word came to my heart, “There is a generation of people who regard not their fathers.”

Despite all the indifference from the people, he continued, knowing full well that he was doing God’s work and what pleased Him. Because he was specifically and strategically sent to do the work, he did it with the whole of his heart, and was sold out completely to God. This was what increased the level of anointing that was on him.

He could have cursed them but refrained. He sensed God can release vengeance on the enemies of the cross; those who are against His will and purpose. He could punish them whenever He likes though He loves them all. Even though he refrained from it, if the people continued in this act of negligence to the vessel, after a period of time, a serious challenge will come on them. The challenge will be that, their blessings will be blocked from coming and many will suffer pains and losses. People have been warned not to despise or harm the Lord’s anointed servants and prophets. Some who were attentive were already receiving their blessings at that very moment.

His trumpet was making a particular sound; a message to the present Church to position herself for the move of God. The sound was unique, it fitted his personality and this was a result of the dealings of God in his life over the years. “For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepared for battle?” 1Corinthians 14:8. This sound was certain and clear but many did not know the importance of the sound. Many were listening, concentrating and were enjoying the sound and still didn’t know the meaning. Others who knew the meaning had no willingness to act. Only a few were listening, understanding and willing to act. Daniel in the Bible could both read and interpret the writing on the wall. In times like these, many could read but are not able to interpret.

The people were of different background and upbringings in their homes and in the church, but this sound was speaking to every one of them clearly. It was a global call to intercession, soul winning, and redirecting focus from “church building” to building of the broken lives of men. It is a sound to ignite the fire of love for one another that was already dead, a sound of breaking away from worldly philosophies and new-age teachings that disguise under the umbrella of “great revelations” taught by some servants of God. All he was saying was for us to get out of any unprofitable comfort that has pulled us gradually out of God’s presence and getting out of mere religious activities that have no relationship with the Spirit.


“I saw a young man who confused about life and ministry. He tried to move forward but could not. He was knowledgeable, intelligent and filled with thousand of idea in his mind that he learnt as he listened to the ministers of God who had gone ahead of him. He also got exposed to Christian literatures. Some of the ideas were earthly oriented, that is, ‘earthly wisdom,’ and not the wisdom of God; others were devilish wisdom, which were the ‘teaching with demons.’ The ideas were much; the real and the fake mixed together. Therefore, he could not move forward again. He then paused for a moment and the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart. Thereafter, I saw him turn backward to his old file, where he wrote down the assignments, the path of how his Ministry should be, which God gave him years back. When he carried the book, the first two pages were dusty, and he began to wipe the dust with all seriousness as if his life hung there.”

It is easy to derail from the assignments that are in our lives and Ministries if we are not careful. We can move out of the original assignment given to us by God. We desired to grow into maturity as we can into the faith. When we came, we were encouraged to read many Christian literatures, which actually helped many. And we went to programmes for our learning; many unbalanced teachings and impartations came into us. Others copied the wrong attitudes of their spiritual leaders. By that, we began to behave in a manner that sounds ‘modern Christians’ and is not Christ-like, and we now sound like ‘pastors’ and not servant of God. While other think that pulpit Ministry is the ultimate they just don’t realize it is only a part of the Ministry.

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