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Tomorrow's Poetry!
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Tomorrow\'s Poetry!

I exist, I am. I belong to the human race. I heat up I swollen up, I cry, I die after my heart gets broken. Today many know me, but they don't know of my passions. Today you accept me, thinking I am just a personified talking piece.

Who will I be tomorrow? When the loving perfume of morning beginnings is gone, when the thrill of a hard day's work is far behind. When there is just a small memory of what we spoke about on the day before... the they before.... the day when we noticed how little time we have left.

I have to reach you, but you are too focused on your time, work, and hobbies to hear me. I need to tell you that we have so little time with one another.... when will you listen? Should I speak to your friends and family? those who have direct ties to you?

Ties, what are those? why can't people live by thoughts and words of loyalty. Why is everything a mystified bulk of information with no true substance. Write about your passions, do not let negative influences tell you different, if you feel the need to write it.

I fell, I am. !Every Time I open my eyes to see the new day, I breathe deeply to take the smells and vibrations of the new day in to my being. Then I realize that Nature and myself are one, that is the best realization ever being discovered by anybody.

Writing is like making the words escape from their regular cage. It is compatible to the birth of any specie, or the moment when we learn to communicate as living partners. So many things to learn so many artist to learn them from.

Who will bring the words "home" and get the product sold? One most have the skill to intrigue others, find others to intrigue and get them hooked to our words... but who can do all these things....? Well that is the word master. The one who writes for a living, that person who makes dreams come true, that mind and soul loved by many.

Muse of writing, may all of us understand the meaning of the words that make composition or articles and books a hit among the rest of the community. I have no power over you muse of dreams and feelings. I only have a grateful heart for the little victories among my writing you have given me.

Street Talk

Delightful! Well written muse of writing. Good job.

  about 6 years ago

Thanks Jesse, well said.

  about 7 years ago

Thanks for reading!

  about 7 years ago
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