The Language Of Literature
There is something about a great book which is indefinable. It's not the feel of it and often it is not about what…
Cat And Hat Two Rhyming Words That Lead to A
The Cat in the Hat was written by Dr Seuss (pen name of Theodore (Ted) Geisel) and this book came about by chance.…
The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Chapter 1 The
It all started one early spring evening in West London. My friend and work colleague Michael and I arranged to meet…
Boys Books Stereotypes And A Horrifying Statistic
A disconcerting number of boys are reluctant readers. They prefer playing sport, video games and with tablets. Many…
The Erotic Novel Fifty Shades Of Grey
I came across the most romantic yet erotic fiction book in my entire life in the year 2012, when the book Fifty Shades…
Tony Robbins Master the Game
I am a big fan of Tony Robbins. I’ve read all his books and been to several of his live events. So when he recently…
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Top books to read are no longer hard to find, I’ll tell you where to look
Are you willing to pay very little for a great read? Who wouldn't? Well now you can. The way to do it is to get yourself Kindle in whatever form, app or e-reader, to find the top books to read and checkout books that are cheap. Why? Well these books…
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Some Have Said Creator is the Best Read Of their Entire Lives
One of the best books to read for me is Creator. I thought it was hilarious, and it is an intelligent, and eye opening read. It sure pokes fun at the human race, but also offers a way to look at it in a positive light. Creator has everything. It…
By:  in  Book Reviews  >  Fiction   Aug 23, 2011  
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Dollhouse By the Kardashians - A Best Seller?
Well they've done it again... ok maybe not again, Dollhouse by the Kardashians is actually the first novel from the famous threesome; it's a fictional novel but some will agree that it's largely based on the real-life drama of the Kardashian family. The title, "Dollhouse" is in fact the result…
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How to Write A Book
Writing is easy any one can do it, from writing a childens books or plays to a best seller novel it just takes lots and lots of time, an idea in your head, and most inportinly an imagantion :P. But where do you start that's the big problem do you…
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Creator is Profound, And Fun, And Is One Of My Favorite Books
The idea of top best books is subjective. What is a top best book for me might not be one for you. This goes for just about everything else in life: music, movies, food, etc. A lot of things we like we don't even know why we like them. We…
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3 Ways to Finding the Best Crochet Pattern Book
What is your goal as far as finding the best crochet pattern books? Everyone is different when it comes to crocheting. One thing for sure, everyone wants something that can be worked around and easy to adjust. There are literally tons of crochet pattern books on the market. Just about…
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Life With God
The Word of God and what it can do for you. How your life can be changed.
By:  in  Book Reviews  >  Spirituality Religion   Jan 24, 2011  
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Jonathan And Andi Goldman Release Chakra Frequencies:tantra Of Sound
Well-known muscician, composer, chant master Jonathan Goldman and his wife, psychotherapist Andi Goldman's most recent collaborative effort, Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound, is an instructive guide combining ancient spiritual practices with contemporary healing techniques. Described by the authors as a "vehicle for self awareness...and an exciting paradigm for raising consciuousness,"…
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Doctor Seuss books
I have two very young children and they absolutely love Doctor Seuss books! As a result, my husband and I love Doctor Seuss books. I've heard the argument that they are not that good, from an educational point of view and I can understand this because there are a heap…
By:  in  Book Reviews  >  Childrens Books   Mar 20, 2011  
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What Are the Ten Top Best Books Really, You Might Be Surprised
The top ten in books might not be what you think. First of all, a lot of people would probably consider the following books the ten top best books: 1. To Kill a Mockingbird 2. 1984 3. Pride and Prejudice 4. The Lord of the Rings 5. The Catcher in…
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Are you really looking for the cheapest books
Why do you want to get cheap novels? Obviously to save money right? For me I am not looking for the cheapest books. I’m looking for great quality books that are inexpensive. Problem is a lot of the cheapest books are bad. On the other hand, a lot of the…
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Osho On
A day that I read a book from Osho, is a day that I am in Love with existence and with myself. At times it feels that Mystics like Osho, Buddha, Jesus and other Enlightened Masters have been living with me since I have been born. Do you hear the…
By:  in  Book Reviews   May 17, 2011  
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What Should I Read Next? Go for NO!
Ever get a book from someone who said it changed their life? Ever read such a book and pass it on to someone who applied the book to go from living life sitting in a wheelchair to walking unassisted? I did. This is the book. Next time you wonder, "What…
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Free Digital Books Online
Thousands of free online digital books are at your fingertips, giving you unlimited access to knowledge, experience and entertainment. You can find ancient, out-of-print texts, or works by contemporary writers on a wide array of topics. These books are available to read directly or to download on your reading device,…
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The Woman In The Story By Helen Jacey Book Review
You might have heard of the book Everything Men Know About Women by Cindy Cashman under the pseudonym Dr. Alan Francis. The funny thing was it was a blank book implying we men know nothing about women. If true, it was probably good then that Helen Jacey, a screenwriter who…
By:  in  Book Reviews   May 30, 2011  
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I have had the privilege to read some of the best books for children. Many of them are classic books…
I enjoy browsing through opportunity shops as we call them here in Melbourne. I think they are called…
Don't you just hate the feeling you get when the book you're enjoying so much is about to end? The…
'If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.' You probably must have heard this phrase countless times…
This is a first in a series of Finny's Nose books. Trouble Up Finny's Nose introduces Ruth Budge…
Proof of Heaven: is there life after death? At one point or another we all have to ask ourselves…

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