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Crochet Pattern Books
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Do you know of any crochet pattern books? Which crochet pattern book is your favorite? I know one thing, crocheting sure is fun and thr reward of creating something out of yarn is pretty warm feeling.

What am I sure of?

I am sure there are hundreds of crochet pattern books out there, you are probably stuck in choosing the best one out there, but before I point you in the right direction, I will assure you will get a clear understanding of crochet patterns.

First thing first, I know when you first see crochet pattern abbreviations, it is very confusing looking, but if you really take a second look ait it, you will soon realize how easy it is to memorize the patterns.

For instantance, most people know that the abbreviation for "laughing out loud" is "lol". It is no different than the abbreviation for "shaking my head", which is "smh". We use it everyday, shoot, you use it everyday on facebook or twitter. If you are into social networking and the computer, then I am sure you have used some type of abbreviation in your conversation with someone on the internet.

Funny thing is that you most likely found it easy to remember. It is the same way with crochet patterns. Do not get this whole croceting thing over your head.

Ok, good I have gotten that out of the way.

Now, depending on your style of patterns, then it will be your decision on your type of crochet pattern book, but I love vintage crochet patterns. Even though vintage patterns are over 50 to 100 years old, you can still freak it into your own creative style. And best thing about them is that, you'll most likely be the only one with it around your age group.

Honestly, I have always loved crocheting, even as a little girl. I use to sit with my older sister and she would help me crochet pillows and blankets. My favorite colors were red, purple, orange, and the rest of the exotic colors.

I loved experimenting with colors, so that might be something you want to consider when dealing with the patterns. You don't have to be difficult and try to make it confusing and complicated. Just be creative!

One thing about crochet pattern books, they really show your true taste in anyting that deals with shopping. You can be as simple as you want to be and still be pretty and professional. If you are just starting to crochet, then I will definitely tell you to start out with easy crochet patterns. Do not rush into it, take your time and grow. There's plenty time for you to do all the hard stuff.

Visit my personal website to learn more about crochet pattern books and claim your copy of crochet pattern books.

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