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Boxing Training Not For Everyone!
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Boxing training for everyone why not, whether people think its a science or art everyone can enjoy. The daily routine for the sport itself can be more gruelling than most other sports to date but to train yourself is a accomplishment in its own.

So how many other sports or exercises have you tried and not work. Trying to establish yourself into getting into the routine of boxing training itself is the hardest part or the non motivational one.

To start off just into the running mode you will need to run before you can train its a rule of thumb. The running itself will build up strength and stamina that

needed before you can train in the gym. Sprint work for the fighter would normally leave about 3-4 weeks before a fight. For people who don't like running for 4-5 miles of roadwork because of bad joints can actually ease into doing sprint work which can take only take 25 mins compared to the slow heavy 45-55 of roadwork

Right once we found the fitness for running this is where it makes it a bit easier coming into the gym .To start off we get are hands prepared as in bandage and tape up whether its for amateur ,white collar or proffesional.The hands need to be done properly so no further damage will happen .Once in the gym we would normally stretch our body for about fifteen minutes just to loosen up, I mean this is what boxing training is about its to get loose. Everyone who comes into the gym wants at least box once in there lives whether its white collar or maybe just to spar so the adrenalin itself will give you a rush not likely to forget in a hurry.

Going back to loosened up in boxing training is one of the most important things because we know that if a person is relaxed or loose they will train better. Getting ready to start doing footwork in front of a mirror is not everyone's cup of tea but its the basics leading up to the defence but also punching and foot movement is a must!

Then the day comes when you have to put them boxing gloves on for the first time whether its bag mitts or sparring gloves. To go on the bag for the first time and learn new things is great for yourself. Knowing how to throw hooks,uppercuts,jabs,back hands or shots to the body. The strange thing about this though is about staying loose all the time because speed is power,dont throw with power because you will just slow yourself down and then find the power is not there. I had to get used to the fact especially when throwing hooks that I had to twist my leading leg in or when throwing uppercuts I had to dip my knees and push up .The jab itself even though its the basic punch in the book but is probably the most important because it will push the fighter of balance.

The defence of knowing how to slip,block or parry punches is another must, but also stepping off or to the side so you can throw off line is another exciting move.

Learning how punch is exciting but its not just all about that its the rest of the boxing training which has to come with that like the skipping and all the groundwork exercises which has to come with that. It may not always be pleasurable doing push ups but you will need the upper body strength. The same goes with doing all the abwork which you will need against body punching, so there you go all to do with boxing training

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