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Hand Wraps For Boxing
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Hand Wraps For Boxing

It is important that you wear hand wraps for boxing because it is used for your safety to stop you from getting an injury to your hand or wrist, many people believe it is there to provide more cushion but this is not the case. It is there to give your hand a tighter grip and to protect you from injuries which is vital in boxing because the last thing you want to do is take an injury to your hands or wrist as it will keep you out of boxing for a long period of time.

The most common sizes for hand wraps are 120" and 180", When you have smaller hands you should consider buying smaller wraps because if they are not you will to make extra revolutions around your hands, this will mess with the fit off your glove.

The most traditional hand wrap styles are herringbone wraps, elasticized wraps and gauze bandage hand wraps

Herringbone wraps have been around for a very long time and they do not stretch and are reusable but should also be washed after every use if possible.

Elastic style hand wraps have come to life in recent years and is a blend of the traditional hand wrap combined with a gauze bandage hand wrap. They are often more expensive than your traditional hand wraps.

The gauze bandage hand wraps are often used by the professionals and are mixed with sport tape, you wont see them in too many gyms because they have to be disposed after use so aren't practical if your training a few times a week because you would be spending all your money on hand wraps.

It is down to the person what hand wraps they want to go with and what might suit them better but its worth speaking to your trainer and see if he has any recommendations for you, there are all types of colours you can find, blue, black, green, red, yellow etc so you can pick your fancy but just remember it is important to wear hand wraps as i spoke about earlier.

There are also a few accessories you can get for hand wraps like a hand wraps wash bag or a hand wrap roller but you can learn how to wrap hands for boxing gloves, it takes a few attempts and your get there in the end.

So you should know roughly a little bit about all the different types of hand wraps you can get now and what the difference between them are and you can always learn pretty easy how to wrap your hands for boxing gloves

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