Next Potential Mayweather Fight Likely Not On PPV
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Next Potential Mayweather Fight Likely Not on PPV

Why won’t Mayweather’s fight be shown on PPV(pay-per-view)?

Boxing fan? Did you purchase Mayweather’s most recent fight against Pacquiao on PPV and have a small get together? Most viewers probably won’t purchase that again after being “robbed” from a dull performance and entertainment of the fight.

Floyd Mayweather stated that the last fight in his perfect career(so far) is said to be on Sept 12, which would complete his six-fight deal with Showtime/CBS. This is the first in the last 14 fights that won’t be aired on PPV. Potential candidates for the fight include former titleholder Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KOs) , and San Francisco’s Karim Mayfield (19-2-1, 11 KOs), 34.

Berto has been mentioned by Mayweather as a possible opponent many times, and he had a response to those statements.

“I’m happy to be in the running for this fight and am definitely up for the challenge. I know it will be a great fight if it happens,” Berto states, being past his best days as a boxer. weighin-04-1024

Berto has some credentials to back him up, but none of those of Floyd. Brett has won versions of the welterweight title and currently is in control of an interim belt. However, before his two recent victories against less qualified opponents, Berto had lost 2 fights in a row and suffered an arm injury that took away boxing from him for 14 months.

No matter the opponent, it is set in stone to see the fight on CBS rather than the PPV channel of last fight. This might be a way of to calm down angry fans who had spent $100 on a fight that did not have the excitement to hold the price.

Mayweather gained about $220 million from that fight, with almost 4.4 million buys of the PPV showing. However due to the fact that it did not live up the expectations of the fans, this is a way to take away the anger.

The funny thing is even if the show is on CBS, Showtime/CBS will still have to pay the undefeated champion around the $35 million range. The advertisements sold will have to cover the loss for CBS, or they will suffer.

After announcing the fight on Sept. 12 at the MGM grand, located in Las Vegas, Mayweather went straight to training camps and has recorded evidence on social networks. He has not stated who his opponent might be, but its going to be something to see, as it always is with Floyd.

The other opponent who might be stirring discussion in a possible matchup with the undefeated champion is San Francisco’s Karim Mayfield, who is on a much lower scale that Berto and Floyd. When Floyd had announced his name in a press conference, many took at as a sense of mockery. Mayweather was not joking.

Possible opponent Mayfield said he would love to have the fight, and would be honored to face up against the best.

Or face up against that “thick” paycheck he will be receiving after a fight of that caliber.

“I’m always ready to fight anyone anywhere,” Mayfield stated. “The fact that the great Floyd Mayweather has mentioned me as someone he wants to fight in September is music to my ears. It would be an honor to fight Floyd in Las Vegas. He’s done a lot for the sport and he’s arguably the best fighter to ever lace ’em up.”

Mayfield is a confident young fellow, or just has a very smart business oriented thought process, haha.

“My last few fights have been at 140 pounds, and I know the extra weight would make me more powerful. I fought Francisco Santana at 152 pounds and gave him his only KO loss. I’m very powerful and comfortable at that weight. I know I would give Floyd all he can handle. My trainer, Ben Bautista, and I have a game plan we know will be successful against Mayweather. I’d give Floyd his first loss in a highly explosive fight.”

In recent cases, it has been said that Mayfield believes he’s a better candidate that Berto.

This sounds like they are auditioning for a school play. All this drama. All this money being thrown around for the pure entertainment. This was Mayfield’s case.

“No disrespect to Andre Berto. He’s a good fighter and we have a mutual respect for one another, but he’s not as durable as I am,” Mayfield continued. “Berto has two losses against opponents Floyd has already defeated (Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz). I’ve never been dropped, battered or bruised in any of my fights. I bring a rough style to this fight, a style the fans want to see Floyd up against”

“In addition, the Bay Area is a big media market and I know all my fans here would rise up and support me. My brother, La Ron, and I, who are independent, sold out my last fight in San Francisco. I’m confident we can bring a big crowd to Las Vegas. It’s only an hour fight away.”

This is a topic that has been stirring for a while. Is Floyd overpaid? This has been a rising issues in all sports. Whats the future of boxing? What do you think? Let me know fellow Spark Fans.

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Thank you!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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