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A One Step To Avoiding Female Breast Cancer
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A One Step to Avoiding Female Breast Cancer

Cause of Breast Cancer and its Prevention

Women are suffering from Breast Cancer issues and it really haunts us as to where from these Cancer cells originate.

As we all know Plastic products are harmful for the environment as well as to the body.

This being said, let me move a bit into describing the harmful effects related to the use of plastic products and the toxins that most plastic release which has proved to be a harmful product for cancer issues especially Breast Cancer . According to previous and latest reports it is evident that plastic under extreme temperatures releases two harmful byproducts. 1. BPA or Bisphenol A 2.Dioxin

These two Byproducts are the main causes of Breast Cancer.

An everyday Example of our Unhealthy Plastic Products:-

  • Plastic Bottles-
  1. Plastic at High Temperatures- We leave plastic water bottles in the dashboard of our cars. These plastic bottles are exposed to the heat within the car and as such due to these high temperatures (BPA or Bisphenol A) is released into the water inside thus contaminating it. (Though some scientists suggest Dioxin is also released but according to scientific reports it is proved that dioxin is not released at these mere temperatures.)
  2. Plastic at Freezing Temperatures-Frozen Plastic Bottles also release these harmful toxins


  • Food in Plastic containers Microwaved-

Plastic containers used to microwave food in a hurry releases Dioxin into the food thus contaminating it.The temperature inside the microwave releases this harmful toxin Also Plastic wraps that are used to microwave releases BPA and Dioxin (Though no evidence have been found out as to if plastic wraps contain the byproduct Dioxin.)

It is always recommended to use microwave safety utensils available in the market.

What should we use for our Daily Usage?

  1. Ceramic/Glass containers.
  2. Bottles made of Stainless Steel
  3. Avoiding anything that is plastic for the use of drinking or eating.

How are we going to avoid the use of Harmful Plastics?(Identifying)

Plastics are differentiated into Classes. There are seven(7) different classes of Plastic Products available in the market.Class Codes 1,2,4,5,6 mostly do not contain BPA or Bisphenol-A. Class Codes 3&7 are most likely to contain BPA.

Class Codes can be identified to prevent the use of harmful plastics. But as to more of a safe side Plastic Products should not be used to prevent the risk of Cancer Cells.

*What is BPA and Dioxin?

  1. BPA- Bisphenol-A is a product that is used to make plastic and has been used since 1957.Polycarbonate Plastics mainly used in cellphones are the most common form of BPA.
  2. Dioxin-Dioxin is a general name for a large group of chemicals having the same chemical structure.

Fact:- Though no evidence have been found as to if dioxin is present in plastic but according to research small amounts of dioxin are present in recycled plastic(Naturally dioxin is released into the atmosphere through Forest Fires and Artificially by incinerating or burning of Industrial or Hospital Waste.)

Scientific Reasoning:-

Dioxins are released at extreme high temperatures at about 700 degree Fahrenheit which is more or less 370 degree Centigrade. (thus suggesting dioxin is not released in plastic bottles that are hot as because the temperature doesn't even reach that mark) & Accordingly Freezing works against the release of chemicals(thus freezing water bottles doesn't release dioxin)


It is always safe to take a precaution when ones health is related. So you shouldn't use plastic containers at extreme temperatures just to be safe.

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