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Breast Cancer Numbers World Wide Are Increasing, Cervical Cancers Slow
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Breast Cancer Numbers World Wide Are Increasing, Cervical Cancers Slow

The number of reported cases of breast cancer are increasing worldwide despite better education, detection and treatment methods. In 1980, the number of women with breast cancer worldwide was roughly 640,000. In 2010, that number had climbed to over a million. Researchers at the University of Washington, who compiled the data, said that in addition to the breast cancer numbers, numbers for cervical cancer have gone up as well but at a much slower rate. Deaths from cervical cancer have also dropped considerably.

Researchers found that over half of all breast cancer diagnoses and more than three quarters of all of the cervical cancers are found in developing countries. Their final report was published in the medical journal, the Lancet.

Using over three hundred different cancer registries as well as cause of death offices in nearly two hundred countries, researchers were able to gather their data on these two types of cancer. Their findings revealed that breast cancer has been steadily increasing by just over three percent every year for the last three decades or longer. In some countries, including countries of Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, there is an increase in breast cancers found in younger women. In most developed countries, cancers, including breast cancer and cervical cancer are found i women over the age of fifty. In the developing nations, however, the rate of breast cancer in women between 15 and 49 is much higher, as much as two times higher in some areas.

There is some positive news however. The rate of deaths from breast cancer has not grown at the same rate as the increase in the number of overall cases. In 1980, for instance, nearly 1 in every 32 women in the United States faced the risk of dying from breast cancer. In 2010, the number was one in 46.

Developing countries have more access to health education and treatment options which is likely to influence the slowed rate of deaths there. In the developing countries there are a number of factors that increase the rate and early onset of cancers. Late detection also plays a role in the high number of deaths from breast cancer in those nations. In the United States, the majority of cancers are found in earlier stages when they are their most treatable while in poorer nations, many cancers are not found until they have spread to neighboring structures or have reached a size that makes them difficult if not impossible to treat.

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