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Breast Cancer Risks
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Breast Cancer Risks

Studies say there is a link between working long hours at night and the risks of women breast cancer. Women who were working on night shifts for almost 30 years ave been diagnosed for cancer twice the rate than women who never worked at night.


Of-Course not.

So what is it?A little example.

A study was conducted in British Colombia ,where 1,134 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and other 1,179 women who had not been diagnosed for cancer of the same age were looked upon. Here the cancer study only included the breast cancer and not the cell skin cancer also known as Non-Melanoma skin cancer as it rarely spreads to the other parts of the body.


A little over 33% of women reported working short and long hour night shifts.

And of which researchers had a conclusion that women who had been working at nights for up to a period of 3-29 years had negligible breast cancer problems.

But the most interesting thing was that the breast cancer problems were almost doubled for women working at night for over a span of 30 or more years. They mostly included Nurses , Doctors and women working in various fields.

Though this research was just a hunch but we are absolutely sure of other factors that come to limelight when talked about Female Breast Cancer.

The Factors are as Follows:-

  1. Light Exposure risks at Night.
  2. Drinking Alcohol in Home or Parties.
  3. Exposure to Chemicals embedded to preserve Cosmetics.
  4. Toxins released in Plastics.

So lets begin.

1. Light Exposure

As said earlier women working at night (when its dark outside) like doctors, nurses, factory officials and workers are more prone to the light exposure risks.

This so happens due to a hormone named Melatonin. We call it Melatonin Levels . Melatonin plays a very important part in our sleep cycle. It is secreted by our brain . Our Melatonin Levels increase at Night and decrease during the Day. This helps to keep a normal sleep cycle.

What to Do?

Well personally i think the best way is to

  • Install low light bulbs in your room and bathroom so as to be used as night-lamps.
  • When going to the bathroom at night try to switch on these these low light bulbs.

as because bright light affects the melatonin levels produced by the brain at the time of deep sleep. This little thing can of-course play a massive role in breast cancer. So its always better to play safe. and last of all a not so important point if you happen to have window curtains. It is:-

  • To fit in window shades to obstruct light from outside as we see in caravans.

2. Drinking:-

As we all know, and if not; then we should, that Alcohol increases Estrogen levels and damages our DNA cells which seriously effects the dangers of breast cancer.

As always research says women who drink at least 3 times a week have a 15% higher risk than women who don't drink at all. And as for experts risk of breast cancer goes up by 10% for additional intake of alcohol beverages but that is a different story. And this applies to all women whether they are teen aged 9-15 or whether they are grown-ups.

What to do?

  • Cutting back on drinking alcohol. If you are not sure of holding it or not try to think of your health and the personal problems associated in-case you have health problems.

Though my personal favorite is:

  • Drinking beverages that do not include alcohol like Mocktails which contain every ingredient of Cocktail just with-out the alcohol. While ordering just ask the bartender not to include the alcohol. In this way you can enjoy the taste of the beverage without harming yourself.

And of-course which i take to be the most important factor of all is.

3. Chemicals in cosmetics:-

Cosmetics are used to rejuvenate the skin but did you know some cosmetics use harmful chemicals to preserve the cosmetics itself. So whether we like it or not, this is the truth.

Chemicals used in cosmetics include:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

These chemicals act as hormone disruptors and reduce the normal production of hormones mainly estrogen which as said earlier affects breast cancer.

What are Parabens and Phthalates?

  • Parabens- This group mainly consist of chemicals such as methyl paraben, propylpparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben. These chemicals are exclusively used in certain make-ups, moisturizers, hair color products, shaving creams etc. These are used to preserve the contents of cosmetics. Parabens penetrate the the skin through pores and interfere wit the estrogen production levels.

Is it really that important?

Yes, because parabens have been found in breast cancer tissues and other tissue as well, for their wide use.

  • Phthalates- They are used in nail-polishes and hair color to retain the color of these products. As of which Phthalates also work exactly the same way as Parabens.

How to avoid?

Suggesting the best and the easy way would be to take a look at the composition of the cosmetic which you want to buy. but as of a more detailed version of its composition i would suggest you to visit Skin Deep.

Its an organization keeping track of cosmetic and health care companies who participate in a voluntary agreement known as then Compact of Safe Cosmetics. These companies manufacture products which are free of these chemicals.

4. Toxins released in Plastics:-

Plastic Bottles release toxins at different temperatures.

  • Plastic Bottles-
  1. Plastic at High Temperatures- We leave plastic water bottles in the dashboard of our cars. These plastic bottles are exposed to the heat within the car and as such due to these high temperatures (BPA or Bisphenol A) is released into the water inside thus contaminating it. (Though some scientists suggest Dioxin is also released but according to scientific reports it is proved that dioxin is not released at these mere temperatures.)
  2. Plastic at Freezing Temperatures-Frozen Plastic Bottles also release these harmful toxins
  • Food in Plastic containers Microwaved-

Plastic containers used to microwave food in a hurry releases Dioxin into the food thus contaminating it.The temperature inside the microwave releases this harmful toxin Also Plastic wraps that are used to microwave releases BPA and Dioxin (Though no evidence have been found out as to if plastic wraps contain the byproduct Dioxin.)

It is always recommended to use microwave safety utensils available in the market.

Street Talk

Sherry B.  

Very informative article! I hadn't heard of this before so thanks for sharing! I do know that working night shift can be really hard on a person's health, man or woman. I know, since I worked full-time night shift for a little over 12 years in the nursing field. I have always been more of a night person, but after 12 years of doing this, I had enough and switched to day shift part time. I started feeling ill all the time and just no energy at all, which is why I couldn't do it anymore. I had also seen quite a few that started on night shift, but quickly either changed shifts, quit altogether, or were recommended by their doctor to get off of night shift for their health. It's quite amazing how the body works and how if the "normal" sleep cycle is disrupted it causes health issues. I also found it interesting about the cosmetics and plastic bottles. I never even thought about that! Thanks for sharing!

  about 9 years ago

Can a man get breast cancer?

  about 9 years ago
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