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Cure Breast Cancer With Perfume
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Breast cancer is a tragic and unfortunate disease that has touched the lives of men and women all around the world. Technology has allowed for breakthroughs in medical science regarding breast cancer treatment, but there is still no cure for the sickness.

Did you know that men can get breast cancer? It's true, and it's more frequent than you might think. It's obvious that the effects of breast cancer are widespread - so what can we do about it?

Most people have a tendency to believe that they cannot do anything about breast cancer, regardless of whether they have it or not. The simple fact is that that just is not true! One man - a famous perfumer named Jean Claude Delville - decided to do something about breast cancer.

That's how Promise Me was created. Promise Me is a perfume designed with the specific intent of helping to put an end to breast cancer. A considerable portion of each Promise Me purchase goes directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The donation money is then used -

  1. To fund research into eliminating breast cancer cells permanently
  2. To educate men and women on how to prevent breast cancer, or how to deal with it if it does strike
  3. To diagnose patients earlier, so that their cancer is more treatable
  4. To treat patients and give them a second chance at life

Promise Me is a great way to help support breast cancer research and fight breast cancer while still receiving something in return. When I first stumbled across Promise Me, I thought to myself, "What a great idea!" I was happy to see that people began catching on and purchasing Promise Me, and those at the Promise Me company were very pleased as well - they guaranteed a $1,000,000 donation to Susan G. Komen thanks to the support of customers.

That one million is in addition to the individual donation taken from each Promise Me perfume purchase. That's a lot of money to help cancer patients!

When someone buys Promise Me perfume to help support breast cancer, they actually get more than just the perfume. They can also get a scented bracelet, additional beauty products, and even a book detailing the moving struggle of Susan G. Komen and her sister as their lives were touched by breast cancer. The book also details how Susan pioneered the movement to end breast cancer forever - and best of all, the book is free.

To learn more about what Promise Me perfume is, how it smells, and how to get some for yourself or as a gift to someone else, discover Promise Me perfume.

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