Who Will Be The Next Huawei CEO After Ren Zhengfei
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Ren zhengfei: how would huawei be failed, and how would huawei be broke down?

Now, you are lonely at the top; how will we go next step when wireless technology is in a situation like this? And what is our technical thinking in the future? What is the technical route? what is our assumptions of the world? If our assumptions are right, then we are correct and probably succeed. While if our assumptions are wrong, then we may well fall off, just like the NORTEL and MOTO.

Cisco IP is unique and very advanced around the world. Its error investment on a core router was overtaken by Huawei. However, do you think Huawei cannot be surpassed? So we should discuss the collapse and recession when Huawei is in its best and prosperous period; maybe we can find an advantageous way to go. We don’t know customer demands, what should we do if the customers’ basic need is just Mapo beancurd when we predict a shark fin and bird’s nest? How can we know the best demand of WLAN or tranmission? I’m not clear to it too, so let’s listen to suggestions from experts.

Ren zhengfei’s talk of huawei successor: families and children never carry on

To the rumors and speculation whether the children will be the successor, Renzhengfei responded: ‘there are close to seventy thousand employees, and they are as a whole decide the destiny of our enterprise, how can I alone decide what to do on the matter? From the establishment of huawei, my principle is always appointing people by abilities, instead of appointing people by favouritism.’

Ren zhengfei said company is not possessed by him privately, therefore, successor cannot be appointed by him personally, but for all the employees. He thinks that he was deified by the outside world, ‘but actually not’ he said, ‘when I first started out, I thought my ability is not enough, so I choose to appoint people by abilities. If I didn’t do that, maybe our company was eliminated by the history; and now the scale of Huawei is huge, so it’s impossible to appoint people by favoritism’

‘as successor of Huawei, beside the demands on field of view, character of person and will, he should also take a broad and long term view to value estimate , and possess the ability to rein the commercial environment. As successor of Huawei, he should be equipped with the vision to globle market structure, profound understanding to new technology and customer needs and furthermore, have the ability of being not complacent and conservative ’ however, ren said that his families are all not possess these abilities, hence, they are never get into the list of successor.

Ren zhengfei: never stop learning from America, it’s a minor matter to whether Americans buy Huawei equipments or not

During the interview, Ren claimed that England is a very open country, it has stable and specific policy, and British government adopted pragmatic approach to Huawei and other foreign investigators. British government take much count of the internet, and they have taken a series of measures to eliminate the worries in this aspect, while Huawei can also bring industrial competitiveness, income, employment, innovation etc. earnings. Hence, this is a win-win relationship.

He also talked America, and kept the view that America is continuously example to Huawei. Its advanced institution, flexible system, clear and definite property right, respect and safeguard to personal right; the good business eco-environment attract excellent talents all over the world, thus promote hundreds of millions of people with ability innovate, extrude and blowout in this land, this is an amazing power.

We’ve all heard of mass theories in traditional economics, these theories are all claimed that shareholder should possess long-term view, they won’t pursue short-term profits, and will carry out reasonable and evidence-based investment. But in fact, shareholders are ‘greedy’. They hope bleed out every profit as soon as possible.

Ren’s point of view on consumers’ business: don’t blindly regard Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi as final goal

Consumers BG are bound to stick to their own strategy, own value and own clear ways and methods, and go forward steadily. Genghis Khan’s clop has gone far away, present restlessness will also quite down, and living on is victory.

In the past several years, Consumers BG have begun to possess certainly energy from idiot condition; we couldn’t have this progress without you all the employees’ efforts, and we need to affirm and congrats.

However, now we must be clear that ‘who we are, where we are from, and where we gonna go?’

Today, the reason why I communicate with you all is that I’m afraid that you are going to pursue that scale, and regard the Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi as our goal, then don’t know who you are. Whereas, we should learn their best place, but can’t be blind.

Ren zhengfei: Huawei is a big tortoise, the turtule spirit must be used to catch up with tesla

Huawei is a black horse, while whether Huawei can survive in this constantly changing technical society where subversive innovations continuously appear. No matter what’s your opinion, this is the problem in front of you. We established superior platform in 25 years, and possessed certainly resources which are accumulated by a large number of senior leaders and large sum of money, so this is a valuable treasure. All the failed projects and eliminated products in the past are actually a kind of wasting. However, we could not have these achievements without waste. We should cherish these successes accumulated from failure, if we don’t stand still and refuse to make progress, dare to break through and embrace new things, then, Huawei will not always be left behind. When finding strategic opportunities, we can force up by our thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, and then pursue it. You should dare to use the pattern of investment, instead of just manpower, and then pile the resources up. That’s different innovation from small enterprise. Human’s most valuable elements are non- conservativeness, daring to break the rules to make profits, openly go after and to be the main force of Huawei in this trend era. This is our most valuable bases, then we have the capacity to catch up with’ Tesla’

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