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Las Vegas Discount Packages Hmm Where To Find Them?
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Las Vegas Discount Packages Hmm Where To Find Them?

Ok let's talk Las Vegas and where are the Las Vegas discount packages. Well just go ahead and Google that or Bing it whichever you prefer and watch the multitude of sites pop up. This is where the fun begins. Which one to choose.

Preferably I like to start with sites like Priceline and drill down from there. Select destination, then Hotel, then car, then package deals then .... well you get the picture. Once I have all of my ducks in a row is when the real fun begins.

I would not tend to look at all the las Vegas discount package deals because I can tell you on more times than many I have found better deals by purchasing separately. Let me explain.

Once on a trip to Hawaii I had pre booked a car through Priceline separately from the flight and Hotel package that I purchased from them because well... I got it cheaper.

I thought I was really smart until I noticed a little hidden gem on the Priceline site called "Name Your Own Price" Hmmm... So just for fun I logged in and looked for the exact same vehicle that I had already booked through Priceline and this vehicle was a Van because we had the entire family with us.

The price tag on this van for a week was $236, comes to approx $33 a day.

Not bad so I thought. When I loaded up the information into the name your own price section they asked me for a price I was willing to pay for a van in Hawaii for 7 days.

Jokingly I said to my wife "do you think they will accept $12 dollars a day"? her response, "go for it" I got the van on the first attempt and $84 for the week was all I paid for a vehicle that I initially thought was a good deal at $236.

Have you ever left an airport and seen the endless rows of un- used rental cars? This is the main reason and I believe the only reason why you can get rental cars at ridiculously low rates. Well guess what folks Vegas trips are no different.

There are a number of Hotels in Vegas that have all inclusive deals at 30, 50 sometimes even 70 percent off their normal rates. It is better to rent a room, or a car, or a package deal, at 70 percent off then not rent or sell it at all, right?

Priceline is just an example amongst many options, to get what you want without paying the asking price. Also time of the year can play a role, time of the week. Many factors can determine what kind of Las Vegas discount packages are available.

My suggestion is to first determine what, when, where, and budget and move from there.

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