Container Gardening - The Benefits Of Being Mobile
If you are looking to expand your garden this year or want to change the way in which you garden, you should consider…
Grow Your Own Money Tree - Plant Today To Save
It is planting season! With all the home improvement projects that spring brings, have you also considered planting…
Saving Money On Children's Clothes - Leave Your
Children are constantly growing, which means you are constantly buying new clothing for your kids. With the changing…
Gasoline Prices Are on the Rise - How to Lower
US gasoline prices have risen 14 cents per gallon in the last 4 days. That's a 4% increase in the price of gasoline…
5 Money Saving Tips
5 Ways to Save a Few Dollars When You’re Broke Most people when they get there paychecks don’t budget and these…
Spring - A Time Of Renewal, A Time Of Promises,
Spring is a time of renewal. All the birds return and sing beautiful songs as they gather their nesting materials.…
Budgeting Articles (64)
How to Create a Personal Financial Budget
Creating a personal financial budget may not sound like the most pleasant experience in the world. But, you will need to set a personal financial budget to keep your financial house in order. Before you begin creating a personal financial budget, you need to realize that if you must be…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Dec 26, 2010  
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Ways to Save Money by Changing the Way You Think About Money
Have you ever thought you may have a certain attitude toward money that keeps you from getting ahead financially? We have all been influenced throughout our lives by family members, friends, and the media about the way we think about making, saving, and more importantly, spending money. The aim of…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 14, 2011  
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Secrets To Financial Success
Would you agree our society is consumer-driven? Aren’t we bombarded with advertisements when we watch TV, listen to the radio or surf the Internet? Don’t companies spend millions in research to determine how we think, shop and live? After all our everyday choices at the mall or grocery store mean…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   May 18, 2011  
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Starter Kit for Home Canning - Tips to Decrease Your Start Up Costs
In my previous article Victory Gardens - Why You Should Plant One Today, I discussed how important it is to plant a garden this spring, especially given the significant rise in the cost of food and fuel and the issues of our global economy. In order to fully reap the…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 07, 2012  
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Live Well And Save Thousands
First, know the enemy. Marketing, the herd mentality and credit buying are among the principal causes of money management problems. Advertisers spend millions of dollars creating a herd mentally that promotes the artificial need to purchase unnecessary goods and services. The fact is that there is a significant difference between…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   May 11, 2015  
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How to Budget And Keep Your Sanity
Is budget a dirty word to you? Do you think of it as too restraining and a bit of a fun-killer? If so, you may want to rethink that, because making a budget and living within its boundaries can give you a whole new lease on life, and more than…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   May 31, 2011  
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How Do You Stretch Your Dollar Further In These Hard Times?
At the moment many families are struggling. The cost of living is going up and wages are not keeping pace. There is also the increasing threat of job loss as so many jobs are moving offshore. It is just not possible for Australian manufacturing companies to compete with the lure…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 26, 2012  
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Money And Family Values
Money is essential. I grew up in a traditional middle-class home; my father had a job and my mother stayed at home. Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time and money trying to figure out why I was not making more money. I believe that I…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jan 04, 2012  
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It's All About Money
Money, money, money! Money is one of my favorite topics because it arises such passion in people. Everyone has an opinion about it – how to spend it, how to save it, how to get more of it! What about you? What does money mean to you? I want more…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Sep 16, 2013  
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Avoid Temptations While Learning How to Budget and Save Money
Learning how to budget and save money is critical to the success of your financial future. You need money to survive in this world. Not only do you need money for everyday living expenses, but you should also put aside some for retirement or for backup in case of job…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 07, 2011  
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Budgeting Tips - Eating Your Way to Financial Well - being
Do you know that food is the third largest family expense? If part of entertainment expense involves dining out, the total percentage if the family budget going to food is even greater. Today you can follow some simple steps to reduce your grocery expenses by up to 25%. Concentrate on…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 13, 2012  
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Organising A Budget
Creating a budget is the first important step in organizing in your financial life. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a budget for successful financial planning. To start with you have to provide as much financial information as possible. The purpose is to know where your money comes from and…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Nov 24, 2011  
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Managing Your Money In Difficult Economic Times
The consumer society has led us to believe that we can have it all. If we can’t afford it, we can take out a loan or an overdraft to cover it. However, is this still a sensible way to continue to live in view of the worldwide economic recession? If…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jul 28, 2012  
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Extreme Couponing - Online Coupon Systems Lead to More Free Items Than Ever Before
My mother was a coupon clipper. We would go to the local convenience store every Sunday morning and buy 4 or 5 newspapers and spend the day cutting coupons. I was a frequent helper, and I knew that clipping coupons helped us save money. After getting my first apartment, I…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jul 24, 2012  
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How to Create A Budget
Creating a budget will grant you peace of mind in knowing your finances are well off. It's important to have control over your money, both so you can control spending and to have a sense of financial freedom. By creating a budget, you can save money for your short or…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Sep 11, 2015  
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Budgeting That Makes Sense
Budgeting does not have to drive you crazy or cause you to feel like you're in a vortex. Sometimes it is the small steps we take that create a big effect, so here are some tips to help you trim your budget without making you feel like you’re in chains.…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jun 01, 2011  
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Pink Slime - Bad Product Or Bad Reputation?
What is "Pink Slime"? "Pink Slime" is a slang term for the lean beef products that are added to many of our foods. Recently, "pink slime" has gotten a lot of media attention, and I believe a lot of the truth surrounding this product has been hidden from us. Due…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 28, 2012  
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Diet Programs on A Budget - How to Lose Weight Without Breaking the Bank
Weight loss programs are great at promoting healthy lifestyles, but they never tell you how to follow their program on a budget. Most diet programs have specific foods that they want you to eat and specific meals they want you to make. If you are not already eating those foods,…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jul 24, 2012  
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How I Got Out Of Debt And Made Ends Meet
I wasn't never taught how to manage my money. When I was growing up I did with money what I seen my brothers do with it--spend it as soon as they got it. Money always burnt a hole in my pockets. I would buy myself clothes, jewelry and I even…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Sep 27, 2013  
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Saving Money On Children's Clothes - Leave Your Pride At The Door
Children are constantly growing, which means you are constantly buying new clothing for your kids. With the changing of the seasons, many parents become anxious as they realize that all of the clothes from last year no longer fit and a major shopping spree is in order. Saving Money on…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 14, 2012  
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How Home Canning Keeps Your Food Budget Low
Home canning is an excellent way to stretch your food budget. Buy the food in season when the prices are the cheapest (and the food is the tastiest) or grow them yourself at home and then preserve them through home canning. Saving Money With Home Canning First, let's discuss what…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jul 24, 2012  
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How To Become Debt Free – Some Simple Ideas
Would you like to know how to become debt free? Our culture has become increasingly unfriendly to living a debt free lifestyle over the years. I think we need to find our way back to the way my grandparents lived. They built their house with cash. It took them a…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Sep 15, 2012  
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Extreme Couponing - Use Coupons To Expand Your Food Storage
Emergency preparedness is important. Watching the news each day, we see terrible natural disasters happening all over the world. Were those people prepared? Being prepared for a disaster is something I started doing last year when we had a series of blizzards that severely disrupted our food chain. Some stores…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jul 24, 2012  
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How to Eliminate A Debt
It seems that carrying a lot of debt has become a relatively normal and acceptable thing these days. After all, it's so easy to do. Figuring out how to eliminate a debt is the hard part. We have all been through it at some point in our lives haven't we?…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Oct 29, 2015  
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Taking Care Of Your Finances
You do not want to be one of those guys who does not take care of your finances because the world is one big vacuum waiting to suck up the careless, the person void of wisdom, and the person who does not plan well. In Proverbs chapter 27 verses 23,…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jun 02, 2011  
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Petrol Strike Uk - New Ways to Make Money
It's that time again for anyone living in the same country as me - as sure as clockwork the petrol strike UK has returned to give birth to a mass panic at every petrol station in the country. This time things are a little different, the politicians have been accused…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 29, 2012  
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Save Money And Live Healthier By Fixing Your Own Food
Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. You will have four classes, the first of which begins at 8 a.m. Your next class, Psychology 1010, is at 9:00. There, you will be taking a test. It will be multiple-choice on a scantron, but still, it is a test.…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Jan 30, 2012  
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Buy Homes In Chennai After Reading Through the Tips
The process of buying a house is a thrilling experience for every buyer. In fact, for many people home buying is the most significant decision and the greatest financial investment of their lifetime. In countries like India, buying a house is a major investment for those living in major cities…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Nov 13, 2013  
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Top 5 List Of Easy Ways to Save Money on Every Day Things
There are several easy ways to save money and the benefits are many. It goes without saying that the more you save by reducing your spending, the more money you can apply toward paying off debt. Contrary to what we are told about the importance of saving money for retirement…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Apr 03, 2011  
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Inspired By Pinterest - Do It Yourself Projects That Save You Money
I love Pinterest! Pinterest has taught me how to recycle everyday trash into useful items. Pinterest has taught me how to improve my garden for less. Pinterest has also introduced me to many great blogs that I may not have found otherwise. What is Pinterest? If you've never heard of…
By:  in  Finance  >  Budgeting   Mar 17, 2012  
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