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How Do You Stretch Your Dollar Further In These Hard Times?
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How Do You Stretch Your Dollar Further In These Hard Times?

At the moment many families are struggling. The cost of living is going up and wages are not keeping pace. There is also the increasing threat of job loss as so many jobs are moving offshore. It is just not possible for Australian manufacturing companies to compete with the lure of cheap labour from countries such as India and the Phillipines.

If families are to survive and weather the storm it is essential that they take stock of their expenses now and cut back in all areas.

Some tips as to where good savings can be made are:

  1. Mobile phone. Really look at your plan and see whether it would be better value to be on an unlimited plan for around $40.00 a month. This would give you unlimited talk and text and good internet access, with no chance of the penalties associated with going over your monthly plan amount.
  2. Shop carefully particularly in relation to meat and vegetables. You will find that large supermarkets often charge $6-$10 more per kilo for steak and other meat, than the butcher outside. The convenience of shopping in one place is costing you a lot of money.
  3. If you are planning to go out to dinner have a look on one of the Deals Sites such as Groupon or Living Social as you will often find dinner packages at excellent restaurants for 60% off.
  4. When you want to make a major whitegoods purchase go on-line and look at what is available in the 2nds stores. A damaged box, or a minute dent on the item might well save you hundreds of dollars.

Starting A Business

If you are starting a business think long and hard before you buy any new office furniture. It is expensive and you will find top quality furniture for a fraction of the price on sites such as Gumtree. Many people go into business with great enthusiasm and expend large sums to get the perfect office only to find in a few months that the business is not for them. They then have to get rid of the furniture and the high cost of engaging a removalist and then storing the furniture often makes it more attractive to sell the furniture very cheaply.

Also, when it comes to getting Logos and other graphic designed for your business have a look at the professionals waiting for your work on many of the international job sites. You can pay as little as five dollars for any piece of work that you get done which is often hundreds of dollars cheaper than getting the work done close to home.

There are many ways to save money and it is wise to start applying these now.

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