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Some Simple Ways To Save Money Grocery Shopping
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Of course, everybody has to eat, but there are a lot of ways to make sure that the money you spend is spent in the best way. Did you know that people in the USA waste over 40 percent of the food produced? This costs more than $100 billion annually? Perhaps we should do something. (Do you spot my gift for understatement?)

While food prices are rising, so is the number of people in the USA on the verge of starvation. The main reasons for wastage of food have been identified as poor meal planning and busy lifestyles. So people buy food and then do not eat at home, Then we have some bad habits, such as laziness; throw the cheese away, rather than cut off the green part.

We also see people being over faced by the amount of food put on their plates. For example, the too-large portion sizes of both ready to eat and prepared foods.

It seems that an average household, without children, throws away 18% of all the food purchased. Whereas, research has shown that families with children throw away as much as 27% - more than a quarter - of food purchased. Single men living in cities aged between 25 and 35, were the worst food wasters, but perhaps they will not care enough to want to change!

Things are not so different in the UK. You might think that most of the food wasted would have gone past its date code, but this is not the case. Bread and potatoes were among the highest amounts of wasted food and vegetables and meat products both made up 18% of food waste that could be avoided. For instance, over 5000 whole chickens were recorded as being thrown away each day.

This is such a terrible waste of food and also of money; just how much does 27% of the food you buy actually cost? Think about it. So what to do about it? Well it is probably going to require quite a drastic change in approach, but some easy ideas can help you to make a start.

Firstly, it is a great idea to plan your meals for a week, before you go shopping so that you know how much food to buy.

Secondly, make sure you eat before you shop, so that you are not actually hungry while you are going around the store. This has made a huge difference to me, in preventing all those impulse buys.

Next, be aware of what food you have at home, particularly in the deep freeze and those cupbourds you do not often look in. This means you will not waste money buying things you already have and maybe throwing things away later.

One really useful thing is to make your shopping list through the week. Do not wait until it is time to go to the supermarket and you are in a hurry. Note down the things you run out of as it happens, then you will know exactly what to buy.

This might well seem to be a bit of a thankless chore, but if you think of the savings you can make as being the 'wages' for the time you spend, it will make sense to make an effort saving money on your groceries.

There are many more methods and ideas for saving money shopping, so it is well worthwhile taking a little time to find them.

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