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3 Surefire Ab Workout Exercises That Will Blast That Lower Abs!
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Looking for that best ab workout is not that easy. A lot of people get frustrated when they try hard to work their lower abs and it seems like nothing is happening.

Before you learned about the three best ab workout exercises for your lower abs, you have to understand the basic of lower ab training. The first thing that you need to understand is that targeting your lower abs in an exercise will not make you lose fat in that section. To be able to lose fat in that section, you have to eliminate fat all around your body. This is how it really works. If you have a great amount of fat to eliminate, even the greatest ab workout in the universe will not be able to do the trick alone.

Fortunately, once you perform an excellent ab workout properly, it will make your core muscles strong and tone that abs as well. To eliminate fat all around the body needs strength exercises, interval training and a proper diet. Once you do all of these things effectively, your efforts will surely pay.

You also have to remember that ab workout training is not the same with other exercises for other muscles. If you are targeting your biceps, you can try three sets of ten reps for several different exercises. It is best to perform a special type of exercises with some rest in between for your lower abs. This is what you call the abdominal circuit training.

Great Ab Workout Exercises

Supine Leg Walks – To do this exercise, lie down against your back and place your hands under the buttocks. Slowly raise your legs and let your midsection contracts. Lower down one of your legs, so that your foot is just several inches off the ground. Hold this position for one second and then return the leg to its previous position. Do this alternately on each leg. Do this in reps and make the lower abs work.

Reverse Supine Crunches – Begin this exercise by lying down on your back and placing your hands beneath your buttocks. Raise both of your legs and then curve your knees to create a 90 degree angle. Work your lower abs to tense your midsection.

Make sure that you knees are curved at this same angle. Lower them gently until your feet are several inches off the ground. Raise your knees up to your chest and try to squeeze your abs hard when you do this. Repeat this exercise.

Leg Raise – You can start by lying down against your back and placing your hands beneath your buttocks. Raise your legs to make them vertical. Work your mid area by working the upper abdominals. Place your legs down in a way that your feet are above the ground. Hold this position for several seconds and then return your legs back to its normal position. Repeat the procedure.

These three exercises are just a part of the greatest ab workout that you can do. Make sure that you do not have any problems with your lower back when you do this exercise. Seek advice from your doctor before you do any of these lower ab workout exercises.

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