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Benefits Of Endurance Training
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Cardiovascular training involves making use of your body’s large muscle groups, sustained over a considerable length of time. Instances of cardio exercises include running, swimming, walking, pushing a lawn mowing machine, playing tennis and cycling. When you take part in endurance training your breathing rate and heart rate become elevated. The United States’ Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend 2hrs and 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercises each week in order to experience the health benefits of working out.

Because cardiovascular training require a lot of energy, the food that you consume and fat that is stored in the adipose tissue are utilized as fuel when you workout. The longer the duration of your endurance training sessions, the more calories you will burn off – when the body’s readily available glucose is completely used up in the blood, the body will then resort to burning additional fat; thus increasing weight loss. Cardiovascular training will also help to boost muscle tone, which will help you to boost your basal metabolic rate or the amount of calories it would take to maintain your body functions while at rest.

Here are the benefits of endurance training:

When you attain cardio endurance, quite a few internal adaptations will take place in your system which will make you a healthier individual, with an enhanced ability to handle intense cardio exercises. Your heart muscles will become a lot stronger, with the ability to efficiently pump blood all through your circulatory system. You will also be glad to know that the delivery system of oxygen to all your functioning muscles will become more effective. You will also produce more hemoglobin in your bloodstream, and capillaries – this is for better transportation of blood to the parts of the body where it is really needed.

Taking part in cardiovascular training and gaining cardio endurance, you will also lower the risk of developing different kinds of life threatening diseases such as:

• Type II diabetes

• Coronary heart disease

• Some cancers (i.e. colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer & multiple myeloma cancers)

According to research, the higher levels of cardiovascular fitness are linked to 50 percent reduction in cardio disease risks. So if you take your cardio endurance training seriously, you will boost your insulin sensitivity & glucose metabolism; thus lowering your chances of developing type II diabetes.

Cardiovascular endurance training will also improve your state of mind as well. If you suffer from depression or anxiety attacks, if you develop cardio endurance, you may notice a considerable change. Though the connection between cardiovascular training and mood isn’t quite clear; according to medical experts, exercise is known to cause the release of neurotransmitters in the brain known as “endorphins”, which has been known to improve the mood. Exercise is also known to lower immune system chemicals that makes depression worse. Finally cardio endurance exercises increases the body temperature, which helps calm the body. Aside from scientific backing, many endurance training claim a real boost in self confidence, an increase in social interaction and decrease in the amount of worries which helps relieve stress.

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