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Body By Jake Tower 200 Review
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Body By Jake Tower 200 Review

The Body By Jake Tower 200 has received a lot of attention recently due to its endorsement by the well-known MMA fighter Randy Couture. But because of all the hype, it can be difficult to find an honest Body By Jake Tower 200 review. Most online reviewers just want to get you to the seller page to buy the product, without giving you accurate information about how well the product works.

This is particularly problematic as the Tower 200 is not designed for everyone - it has some limitations which may prevent you from seeing the benefits you desire. But on the other hand, it has some features which may be perfect for giving you results.

The purpose of this Body By Jake Tower 200 review is to cut through all the hype and give you the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy the Tower 200.

How the Tower 200 Works

The way the Tower 200 works is very simple.

It consists of a metal frame which easily connects to most doors. And surprisingly, there are in fact very few doors the Tower 200 doesn't connect to.

I had a look through a whole bunch of Body By Jake Tower 200 reviews, and did not find one instance of a user having difficulties setting up the Tower 200 on their door.

Once the frame is connected to your door, you can hook up the resistance bands and start working out. The Tower 200 comes with both a DVD and instructional booklet with various exercises (200 in all) that can be accomplished on the Tower 200. Mind you, I think the "200" number is a bit inflated, as they count exercises that occur on different arms or legs twice.

Benefits of the Tower 200

The Tower 200 is an ideal workout gadget for beginner or intermediate bodybuilders. This is because it is easy to use, and provides optimal resistance and exercises to see muscle gains if your in either one of those two categories.

The 11 minute super workout is a great feature. If you're the type of individual who has a hard time sticking with a workout program, the 11 minute workout will work well for you.

It basically provides you with a super intense, 11 minute training regiment which you can do at your convenience everyday. However, focusing on the 11 minute training won't get you ripped like some of the demonstrations suggest - but it will shred fat and give your muscles more definition.

And the last obvious benefit is the cost.

With a price tag of about $175, the Tower 200 is a steal, considering its high quality of construction and sheer quantity of workout options; most other Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews seem to share that same point of view.

Negative Aspects of the Tower 200

Although the Tower 200 is a great workout tool for beginner to intermediate body-builders, it is not ideally suited for advanced users. For instance, the maximum 200 lbs of resistance may not be enough for super-ripped individuals.

People in the advanced category would probably consider the Tower 200 more of a "supplement" workout program rather than a replacement one.

And that is really the only negative aspect of the Tower 200. Although, to be fair, it would be hard to come up with a product that is effectively calibrated for every type of user. Since the market for beginner and intermediate body-building is quite large, Body By Jake has designed a system specifically tailored for them.

Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews - Concluding Remarks

If you're a beginner/intermediate bodybuilder looking to cut fat and increase muscle mass, the Tower 200 will give you the results you're looking for. It is super easy to set-up and use, and you will start to see significant gains within the first couple of weeks.

Be sure to find out as much information as you can from in-depth Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews before you actually buy the product.

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